Sick and tired of pies sticking

Yet again a pie I funded this morning in anticipation of the US market opening hasn’t finished investing in 6 of the 20ish stocks as of 6.30pm GMT.

It has been stuck on investing at 67% since market open.

I was reluctant to cancel but inevitably I did and now its stuck on cancelling :joy:

You couldn’t write this… this has been continuously doing this on many occasions over the 2 weeks to me and I end up cancelling, gets stuck sometimes & eventually remedies itself hours later or after I I email support and then they respond a day or 2 later to say the pies are fine, then I rebalance blah blah blah…

No they aren’t fine… its continuous and its cheesing me off.

Rant over

I think it’s for the best if we start over with this topic.

@Scouse1981 It’s unfortunate that you experience systematic issues with your pies. We’ve already done several improvements and looking at the data I can tell that currently, the pie system is very stable.

That being said, there must be something odd that causes so many issues with your pies. We’ll find it for sure. We’ll try to dig deeper into your case tomorrow.


could it be liquidity in certain holdings are then not fulfilling and the balancing then not happening as a result?


Appreciate ur response.

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Nope most definitely not.
Likes of Exxon Mobil, Gilead.

Have you tried smearing butter :butter: over your phone? That should definitely help stop the pies :pie: sticking. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Best response I’ve seen from a 212 official. Full credit for this.

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Try turning your phone on/off or deleting the app and then reinstalling it? It might work…hopefully :slight_smile:


An advisor has replied to my ongoing concern but unfortunately has not given me the conclusion I was hoping for.

Advisor informed me he has checked my pie and to withdraw the free funds/cash. Unfortunately I’m unable to cos I can’t as the pie is stuck in cancelling mode.

I’ve replied so awaiting further assistance as I want to add further funds today for a few stocks I already have in this pie that has dx-div dates tomorrow. Otherwise I’ll purchase these stocks outside of pie.

I’m sure it will get resolved :+1:

I’ve closed the app but not tried turning phone off aswell as I’m not sure this will achieve anything more than clearing app cache,etc.

Thanks though :+1:

We’re still investigating. I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

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Hey there @Scouse1981,

We’ve found a technical discrepancy with a few isolated cases. All orders will be executed when the US market opens. :slight_smile: Please excuse us for the caused difficulty.

Great… glad you guys have found the issue.

Thanks for your help and response.

Now on to earn my millions :moneybag::moneybag:


Please, let us know if everything works fine after market open :slight_smile:

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Yes after 2.40pm GMT everything cancelled…

I’ve just invested a small amount and the purchases were executed immediately.

Thanks for sorting this issue out for me

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Perfect, let us know here if it happens again!

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Well done 212. Credit where it’s due, this seems to have been sorted pretty well.

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