Silence Therapeutics Delisting from AIM

I suspect the answer is no as to all other corporate actions but;

just wondering if T212 can support the exchange of ordinary shares for ADS as proposed by Silence if they get approval for delisiting from AIM.

"The Company is providing an opportunity for shareholders to deposit their Ordinary Shares with the Company’s ADS depositary in exchange for delivery of ADSs, without cost, in connection with the AIM Delisting whether prior, on, or subsequent to 30 November 2021 (being the date on which the AIM Delisting takes effect), except that the Depositary has not agreed to waive that fee with respect to more than 81,831,467 Ordinary Shares, which is the number of Ordinary Shares that were in issue but not represented by ADSs on 15 October 2021 and has not agreed to waive fees on any deposit made by the Company. "

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If there is a potential delisting, we’ll act as per the official announcement regarding the event. Needless to say that we’ll notify shareholders accordingly.