Silly question on the trading 212 card

At the moment I only hold GBP, as I am only using it in the UK. NOW ON GOOGLE PAY. whooo hoooo. lol.

I am about to go abroad so will convert some money to Euros, so the account will hold GBP and Euros.

When I go to pay for something whilst away, will the account know to use the Euros over the GBP or what happens?

Thank you kindly admin people.

Hey, @mev202 :wave:

The system will always first check the currency in which your transaction is. If the balance is enough, the transaction will be executed in the same currency.

If your balance is not enough, the system will then check your account’s base currency and use it for the transaction by converting to the currency of the payment. If your base currency also can’t cover the transaction and you have cash in other currencies, the system will use the next currency with the most free funds.


That is good to know.

Thank you Mr Trading212.

I assume everyone who works at Trading212 has the last name of Trading212. lol.