Silver boom TYM hot tip

With Silver flying, the cheapest Silver stock in the UK is Tertiary Minerals - TYM at 4mil market cap. This one has alot of upside and catching up to do…

It has news due on Silver shortly and with Silver booming it will hopefully go on a good run:

4 x SILVER PROJECTS - Currently in sampling process

6 Projects across Nevada world class mining jurisdiction

2 Finland Gold royalties TSX Aurion backed by Kinross Gold Corp. and B2 Gold Corp

  • Pyramid Gold/Silver Trenching & Sampling
  • Magnetic Survey Mt Tobin Silver and Paymaster Polymetallic Results
  • Drill Lucky Copper Prospect
  • Kaaresselkä Gold Royalty, Finland Valued $2m
  • Brunton Pass Copper Project Exploration underway
  • Kalkkinen Data Sale $1m

The only issue is when Reddit gets bored next week and it drops back. :grimacing:

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@Multibagger do you have a plan for 8am tomorrow out of curiosity?

I’m looking at 3x daily, and also physical silver ETCs.

Looks quite handy to have three potential entries.

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Hey Phil, I dont want to be a party pooper but coming from the horse’s mouth…

I did see that @CaptainDangernoodle lol

There’s some cracking comments in there.

I’m buying silver. A silver ingot. So I can melt it down and make it into a ring. And give that ring to my wife. So she can use it to propose to her boyfriend.

Beskar > Silver. buy and hold $BSKR
This is the way

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Hahaha Ive added scrolling WSB to my morning routine now, and it never fails to make me giggle

Yahoo finance just sent me a push notification too… and with the new context it definitely seems fishy

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Hopefully everyone can watch and reshare this to get across just how significant the silver squeeze happening atm is.

Watch 10:28 onwards if you want to skip the waffle at the start