Fork in the road

As the title suggests I have a decision to make. I have been using (and enjoying) DividendsMax on their free trial for 30 days. I’ll be honest in that I have several live email addresses so the free trail period has lasted a few months :hugs:

However like all good things, they must come to and end and this is now the case. I have spoke with the team there and they have offered a good deal for 15 months. Which does mean I’m tied in.

It’s a question for the guys @Team212 @David @George
What time frame will your Dividends calendar be ready and available for us to use? I will be gutted if I commit to DivMax only to find out T212 version is almost ready for launch!

Thank you

@Andyk132 Definitely not this year, hopefully - Q1 2021.


Thanks for the swift response!

@David dropping a bomb today? :smiley:

Morning @David do you have any update on this please?

Is this any good to you?

This is good in terms of the level of detail it provides, ideally I would like a portfolio tracker too, not sure if this has one?

This is the app I use and I love it. Has a dividend calendar which you can export to your phones calendar, and you can set it to automatically update it. It’s fantastic and the free version is pretty decent. And if you want to pay there’s a one time payment of £100 you can make which is a great deal

So I’ve tried this app out today and it’s ok, but I would have to pay monthly for it to be in £s or like you said as 1 off payment. Then as I’m paying I might as well pay for the divmax as I think it is better overall.
Ultimately a portfolio tracker within the T212 app is in my mind the best solution, do other trading apps offer this?

Yes but dividend max costs more for a year than this does for a lifetime subscription. That’s why it’s a better choice.
Idk, paying £150 per year just to know when your dividends are due… that’s the same as having £5,000 invested at a 3% dividend yield. Idk how much you have invested but it just seems to be too much for me

Fair point, knowing when your divs are coming in are what makes that type of investing more exciting. If I was to pay out at all I guess I see the value in the premium serves the platform offers, and when it’s broken down monthly it’s no more than 2-3 pints (depending where you live) ideally I’d want to spend that money on beer if T212 could have it all in house!

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Yeah absolutely, just know what you need any don’t pay more than you have to

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Thanks I won’t. @David if you can provide any update that would be great :+1:

Hi @David any update for this yet? Or should I continue to explore external options… feel like there’s a big update imminent!

They’ve been really focused on upgrading their systems for reliability, I don’t think much time has been going into features, and really don’t expect dividend calendars to be in there. Definitely consider external options for now, you can always cancel

I’ve mentioned this before but if you look at dividendmax information they have a team of analysts and 3 tools used to predict dividends and there is a lot more to predicting future dividends than just ‘here’s a calendar’. I suspect if T212 did release something it would be quite basic compared to dividendmax.

Dividendmax is what I have been using, the additional service they offer is great and I would recommend it. But I would like to see an in house dividends calendar, mainly to avoid updating the number of shares each time. It was only 4 months ago the team said it was in the pipeline for Q1. Sure there are a few others wanting this feature too, granted not a high priority.

I suggest you try and check out Stock Events app.
I’m using it on iOS so not sure if there is an android version as well, but it’s the best tool I’ve used for this (and I’ve tried the premium version for most available similar apps)

Will have a look… On the back of this, it could help resolve the constant dividend payment chasing I see a lot on here by adding a T212 pay date (+9 days) or whatever they want to commit to… just a thought!

Not sure that is possible, as from what I noticed they always pay at different +days. My guess is depending on the stock popularity, as I’ve seen bigger companies being paid after much longer time than not so popular ones. Eg. AAPL taking more than 1 week now. As they are receiving the dividends in bulk for everyone it’s kind of normal that is taking longer to settle the amount for everyone if everybody owns it. At least the way they are doing that today. It might change in the future, but until then I think we need to accept the differences in delays.