Slice within a slice

Can Trading 212 have a look at the Pie system and incorporate a system whereby we can put slices within a slice of a pie.
So to keep it simple you have slices already but we could have an option of calling each slice a sector and then we could add stocks into that particular slice for that sector and so on.
Very similar to what M1 Finance does in the US.

It would be very good for dividend investing.

We could then do what we can already and decide how much percentage of money goes into each slice.
An example you have a pie with 3 slices

  1. energy slice - 4 stocks inside
  2. Consumer Staples slice - 6 stocks inside
  3. Financials slice - 5 stocks inside
    Inside each slice are various amounts of stocks
    We then decide how much of our money goes into whatever we want just like we fo already.

40% of funds to go into the Energy slice
30% of funds into the other two slices

Inside the energy slice the 40% of funds is then broken down by percentage into the 4 stocks at whatever percentage you see fit just like we do know.
Same again with the other two slices

I think having the option of slices within a slice of a pie would be a game changer and people would really like that option.

Hey, @alhorne67. Nested pies (Pies within Pies) feature is on our to-do list. It will enable you to do the things described above. You can follow for more information in this thread.

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