Cash in Pie slice - turn off certain stocks

Would it be possible to “turn off” some slices in the Pie without fiddling with percentages? I mean I’d withdraw funds from certain stocks in the Pie, and put it to the Pie’s cash reserve.

That would make it possible to use Pies like a “strategy lane”, meaning it would have pockets so that whatever the strategy gained with those set of stocks, it would remain separated within the Pie.
For example I put 1000 USD to a Pie, use PEIX and JKS as 50-50% stock; first PEIX goes up, gains 10% but then it turns downwards. I’d now like to turn it off and have 550 USD in the Pie cash + 500USD invested in JKS, separated from my other funds. When I decide I’d turn PEIX on, I’d like to use that 550 USD to be invested again to PEIX.

Would this be possible? Thanks!

I believe you would have to export what you want to sell and then unfortunately fiddle with the % and then fund you pie again and readjust your pie.

You can do a custom invest to select how much you wish to attribute to each company which does not impact your set %.

There’s also a rebalance option which would sell your position and reinvest automatically if you adjusted your pie percentages.

Not sure if this answers your question though!

@Jobloggs Thanks! I meant it as a feature suggestion, I’d just like it to be as simple as dragging a slider or pushing an on/off button, I wouldn’t like to adjust percentages .

I am just puzzled why don’t you just use Limit Buy/Sell, it will automatically do the switch on / off…

Pie is used for automatic investment, now you want to turn it into manual play, while you have feature which would cover your requirement in limit buy/sell.

I would understand if you requested Limit Buy/Sell within pie, then you can do this automatically.

But request as written, manual play for automation feature?

Because I have a strategy that is not dependent on a fixed price but it’s dynamic. But I’d like to keep the funds separated to each instrument. Whatever a winner earns, would stay on that “strategy lane” and whatever a loser loses would just lower its own fund allocated, not drain the whole portfolio’s fund.

This could be done with a small change to how pies work, e.g. just treat pie cash as it was a stock.

Well I won’t tell you how to use pie.

However, I would be surprised t212 started implementing tradelike features to Pie.

But I agree to have ability to set cash position in pie as same as we allocate to specific stock.