Instrument price not updating


can you check why OTGLY | CD Projekt live prices - Trading 212
is not updating price? Its stuck at 6.41 for a week now.

Hey, @Batchman :wave:

We’ve checked the instrument and everything is in order. Rest assured that once new quotes are received, they will be visualized accordingly on the chart.

OTGLY stock hasn’t updated since july 01 the graph is frozen.

also if you click advanced chart it fails to load.

how can there have been no new quotes in over 2 weeks?

@Momchil.G so we are to believe there has been 0 new quotes in 3 weeks? buy orders don’t fill even when done at market rate with no limit.

the chart doesn’t even load in advanced view and 1 day has no data available.

if I try to buy or sell a share it realises the price is not what the chart froze at.

how can the chart not be broken?

also my buy order at market rate for a set amount of currency just cancelled it self for some reason

Hey @arknor1981, we’ve double-checked this, and there are no issues from our end.

Тhe chart is indicative, and the quotes on it are not bound to execution. If you place any orders with OTGLY, they’ll be executed as soon as the market conditions allow.

I have the same issue.

My order at market price still hasn’t been filled in 2 days. there’s definitely been volume on the stock looking at graphs elsewhere.

It’s clearly broken when it’s not updated in 3 weeks, if not on T12 end then their brokers IKBR? can’t be working right.

seems t212 doesnt care if the input to them is broken or not as long as their system is fine

There is definitely an issue. It would be good if this could be acknowledged, even if you dont know why instead of saying its fine. Especially if multiple people have raised the issue.

Anyway what will happen is they will keep saying theres no issue, then randomly theyl be like this will be in sell only mode because we dont support this stock anymore haha

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I have the same issue.

Always 6.41, can’t buy or sell

Then the IBKR chairman will be on American TV looking like he’s about to cry saying if people were allowed to trade it they would go bankrupt like he did with GME …

Stockmarkets like a casino where your not allowed to win, if you look like you might come away with some money they just close the table

I thought we’d got over the bogeyman posts but they’re still here I see.

Fun fact - my favourite thing about MK is when he tried to calculate free cash flow on a company that he understands so well he made a model on their future earnings and managed to get it completely wrong.

It’s literally two numbers, you take them away from each other and he still got it wrong :joy:

well if we go tinfoil then maybe T212 will actually admit a ticker with volume that doesn’t update in 4 weeks maybe isn’t working fine after all.

if it’s not broken whys my @ market value order not filled in 3 trading days. people are obviously trading it or the graph elsewhere wouldn’t be moving

That doesn’t mean the naughty Mr is after all your dollars just means a ticker isn’t working.

@Momchil.G and anyone else.

As an OTGLY shareholder I notied this too. After doing some investigating I found that the ADR had been moved from one bank to another and the instrument had been moved to Expert Market on July 1st?

Deutsche bank dont seem to be managing the shares now and have handed off to Citi ? but because some paperwork hasnt been filed it’s classed as Unsponsored ADR and has been moved to expert market?

I’ll be honest I dont know what’s true above and whats not, and I am just summising from snippets of info I have found and several people I have found that have reached out to brokers, and that have got different responses, here are some screen grabs.

Also here is a thread on Reddit regards somoene else doing some digging:

Screen grabs:

It would be nice if T212 team could do some research on our behalf and ask IBKR if this has been moved to expert market, have any quotes or trades been processed recently and if any restrictions are on the instrument.


so anyone who owns it has money trapped in a stock they aren’t allowed to trade?

No, I dont believe so. A sell order would probably execute fine as your closing the position but I dont think the OTGLY tickers price is/was following the main listings pirce so you’d probably sell at a loss to what it should be trading at, i’ve not checked recently. Just seems buy orders arent executing for a lot of brokers.

i’ll be honest,

  1. I am new to investing and I am summising a lot from people off the internet who are probably new retail traders also.
  2. I havent tried to but OTGLY stock for a few days but all the posts on Stocktwits and Reddit still seem to suggest they arent getting filled on several brokers.
  3. I dont know whats true and whats not, it would be nice for @Momchil.G to clarify or check some of the things I have posted out for us please and maybe let us know if T212 has filled a BUY order in the last few days/weeks?

I received today (07/27/2022) dividends from OTGLY

Same so that’s something at least, wish I could buy more of the stock though, lord knows I 've been trying

WOW it’s fixed and I actually bought shares :grinning:

Wow the illegal elite cabal must be looking forward to shorting all the shares with the hedgies and Dave Griffin from Citadel and soon will take all your money like they stole the election.

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