Some SEMI-C companies to add

Symbol Name ISIN
NXPI nxp semiconductors nv NL0009538784
MCHP microchip technology inc US5950171042
MXIM maxim integrated products inc US57772K1016
ADI analog devices inc US0326541051
MXIM maxim integrated products inc US57772K1016
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Hi not 100% sure about what the procedure is here, but as far as I can see some instruments are added within minutes/hours and some gets forgotten in this thread forever it seems.

Stocks I mentioned above are nothing to sneeze at and are top 30 components of multiple spiders.

Can you please have a look @David @Martin @PeterA @Team212

or if I am doing this wrong can you give me pointers?


I may be missing something, but aren’t all those stocks on the platform already? Perhaps you’re requesting that they be made fractional? :thinking:

Just checked them again both on web and android ISA they don’t appear to be here :man_shrugging:

uhh… checked them again they are in CFD and invest account but not in ISA. Does not make much sense since they are all ordinary shares, may be some other confusion somewhere

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Aha. There was a relatively recent audit of the stocks allowed to be held in Isa, so I’d assume it’s correct. That said, I’m not particularly familiar with any of the companies although you’d have thought ADI would be Isa-able. I’m sure someone more knowledgeable will weigh in.