New shares + fractional shares requests

Non of these are urgent, but currently they are my main “pie blockers”
thanks in advance.

Exists Fractional Symbol Name ISIN Notes
:x: :x: QTS QTS Realty Trust US74736A1034
:heavy_check_mark: :x: NXPI nxp semiconductors nv NL0009538784
:heavy_check_mark: :x: MCHP microchip technology inc US5950171042
:heavy_check_mark: :x: MXIM maxim integrated products inc US57772K1016
:heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: ADI analog devices inc US0326541051
:x: :x: NPN Naspers Limited ZAE000015889 listed in Johannesburg but avaliable as NNW.F in Berlin/Stut/Frankfurt also in Stuttgart. Available OTC on NYSE
:x: :x: PRX.AS Prosus NV NL0013654783 Internet spin off of Naspers
:heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: NTES NetEase Inc US64110W1027
:question: :question: SE* Sea LTD US81141R1005 This is available on invest account but not ISA
:heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: YNDX Yandex NV NL0009805522
:heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: DLR Digital Realty Trust Inc US2538681030 Just missing F in the UI
:heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: CHD Church & Dwight Company Inc US1713401024 Just missing F in the UI
  • Talked to support about SE, apparently it did not get through the auditing process hence not available in ISA. Although Hargreaves Lansdown lists the stock as available for SIPP (which I do own in my SIPP) and Interactive Investor lists it as eligible for both ISA and SIPP. The share is listed in NYSE as ADR, and JP Morgan Chase SG is the guarantor but could not find which board the underlying share is listed.

Nice table. Yandex is also on my shortlist and I’m interested in one or two others like Prosus.

I think I’m right in saying DLR’s fractional already as is CHD.

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Yep you are right, they are only missing the “F” in web UI apparently.

SE isn’t available for ISA, there’s a whole thread about it. The underlying stock of the ADR is not on a HMRC recognised exchange.

What the actual F?! :slight_smile:
Its in my SIPP so I assumed it’d be eligible for ISA as well? but no no no no, that’d be logical and straight forward

Wait a second, its available in ISA on interactive investor. I’ve found a few short threads about this but nothing with details can you point at it @Matt_C?

+1 for Prosus. been waiting for it for loooong

it’s a shame HMRC doesn’t allow ADRs, Sea was a proper good investment for me at some point in one of my pies

Its surprising it is not here, considering the size of it, also their parent company naspers

@PeterA - next batch please?

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I asked interactive investor how is SE listed eligible for ISA, turns out they made a mistake and in the weird world of UK regulations it is available for SIPP but not ISA :man_shrugging: so Hargreaves Lansdown listing was correct.

Well technically Trading 212 listing is correct as well since there is not a SIPP product here :slight_smile:


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Yay I’m not crazy :joy:

Good to know :thinking:

PFLT Would be a nice add to Fractional shares list as it is monthly paying dividend stock

Can IPOD, IPOE and IPOF be made into fractional shares?

Also, can Condor Gold (LSE) be added to Trading212