Sophisticated and better alerts

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regarding level 2 data, i’ll send you some links as i watched some videos by warrior trader, Ziptrader and HumbleTrader. I agree it shows the market movement by clearly displaying the Buy and Sell orders and prices executed, along with the Buy/Sell ratio (example: Tesla Inflow: 102, Outflow: 300 = easy scalp short), Buy/Sell imbalance, scale of orders (large, medium, small), and order flow distribution.

You’ll soon enjoy it :wink:

I don’t sorry.

I actually built my own screener for T212 available stocks, I was going to get it to email me with picks from it but I never got that far to its a case of checking.

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Looks like this. And yep I’m in LAC and KOD :wink: no longer in GGP but still good.


I do love your charts they always put a smile on my face and informative :wink:

… i’m going to upload WeBull /Nasdaq Level 2 example now

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Below example is of TESLA via WeBull mobile app when viewing Level 2 Nasdaq Totalview.

More info regarding how level 2 data works/assist trading can be found here:

Ricky Gutierrez:

Humbled Trader:

Warrior Trader:



holy sheet, i feel stupid now haha

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I wish we got capabilities as in Webull. If you could trade as a European, I’d jump ship in a heartbeat. Level 2 data, stock screening, desktop app, news, financials. It is cool af


Just bumping an old thread to see if T212 are planning on improving the alerts in 2021

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Just the ability to pick the trigger either ASK or BID would be a massive improvement.


i knew i could count on you lol !