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What are people’s thoughts of space stock? :thinking:

I watched online and live (off the coast of Wales) Rob and Doug take to the skies to head to the ISS on SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, the first commercial built rocket to carry humans to orbit and today watched them safely land back to earth :raised_hands:t2:

All very exciting and a huge deal for USA.

What do people think about SpaceX and Virgin Galactic (the latter being available on T212 and the former not but with dreams of heading to Mars :see_no_evil:)

I know Virgin Galactic is still in development stage so just wanted to get an idea of what people thought and today’s a pretty relevant day to ask :rocket:


Virgin Galactic has been good for me so far. Quite interested in their super high altitude flight, will be a massive game changer if they can bring the price down.

SpaceX doing some interesting things with rockets and re-use. Will be interesting to see where it goes.


$250,000? I guess if you’re rich you’re simply just rich. Although Branson has said (I just read this) that over the next decade he’d like to see the price drop to $40,000.

Considering all that in your opinion would you say the $22 share is over priced right now?

Considering in Nov it was around $7/8.

Does definitely interest me. Glad it’s going well so far for you :raised_hands:t2:

It sounds quite high, but if they can manage to get the flights to under 100000 then I can see the stock price going up substantially. It’s definitely one of my more speculative holdings, I think it will do well but only the future can tell if I’m right.

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Google owns 8-9% of SpaceX shares. You can purchase that.

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SMT - Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust PLC

% Total Assets

Space Exploration Technologies Corp Series J Pref. - 0.4%


I played SPCE a lot last Nov/Dec when it reached 42 dollars.

What I notice is whenever SpaceX have a successful big event of any kind, SPCE tends to rise sharply. Partly due to people confusing SpaceX and SPCE, but also a win for SpaceX is a win for the entire industry as a whole in terms of pushing regulations and policy forward. I’m looking out for SpaceX events and putting some cash on SPCE at the time.

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investing in ‘space’ is a speculation play for sure, did you know there is actually a space ETF? ( the ticker is UFO and here are the top holdings:


I would disagree. Investing in space is a no brainer. It’s essentially destined to be a huge industry. Granted who knows how long it’ll take before we reach levels where we’re mining asteroids and colonising Mars, but that too will happen. The speculation is more-so in choosing the winners who will survive in driving the industry forward in these early early stages.

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investing in some bank is an investment, space travel is speculative, can’t see how anyone could see it any other way. the rocket could blow up and stock prices plummet, could go bust etc, lose customer so fast. it’s not established so very risky IMO = what speculation is all about. (not that it will fail, just that it is speculative)

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Saying the rocket could blow up isn’t really a point. You could pull out any risk item from any industry as an example. I could equally point to a systemic wide risk which caused the banking crisis in 2008, or a pandemic which caused the crash this year as examples within banking.

What you’re saying is exactly my point though - a company stock could plummet, go bust, lose customers etc. That’s on the company not being very established, not on the industry itself.

A speculative industry is saying there is a high risk in investing due to decisions based on conjecture. I’d argue that the industry is destined to be huge and it’s more-so a matter of ‘when’ as we will have no choice but to look outwards away from Earth. In the interim, it is finding and backing the winners is the trick, which is speculative due to most being unestablished.

Anyway, splitting straws with semantics, but ultimately I think the space industry will be massive, and is destined for us as a race. Finding the companies which will make that happen is another problem.


Thanks to Scottish Gardening Society I now own €20 worth of SpaceX. Gonna be a millionaire.


A space ETF called UFO. As if! :hushed:

Exactly it’s speculative in terms of company choice but not so much in terms of what is being worked towards. I’m sure there’s a lot more to come in the future but it’s deciding who to buy with. That can be relevant in many stocks though. It’s a minefield.

SMT do look a great holding! I’ve looked into them before. I hold a whopping 2.88% in the FTSE 100.
And quite a few of the exposures in various ETF‘s (WCLD for one)

Ive just started following SpaceX news on insta and following Virgin Galactic. Be good to see if news does correlate to the latter.

Been waiting for it to have a little drop. It’s tempting to get involved but I really know nothing of this field.

Huge fascination though, I need to learn more.

I like the stock. It’s obviously more risky than Pepsi but the potential rewards are huge.

They’ve acknowledged that prices will have to be high initially and that money from that going forward will allow them to grow and bring prices down, reaching a wider market.

The idea that they could also potentially see air travel reduced to a fifth of the time is also quite appealing. Though this would be even further into the future.

Chamath Palihapitiya has invested and seemed quite optimistic about the company’s prospects. This doesn’t guarantee success by any means but to have the backing of what I feel is a very intelligent, successful, and forward thinking man is at least something to bare in mind.


I wouldn’t be too surprised if Virgin Galactic end up using certain SpaceX products, eventually.

I think the flight time being reduced to a fifth isn’t really something further into the future, it’s a product of flying around the world at greater heights, the entire premise of ultra high altitude flight and so will be one of the first things to happen. Edit: but will only be the case for the ultra high altitude flight, not regular flight.

Of course the technology and engineering is expensive which is why I was saying if they can bring the cost of a flight down to 100k quickly, their price will rocket.

I think what both companies are doing are great things and as long as they don’t go bust they should both be strong performers in the future. For now it’s a speculation game, but in the future it will be less so - as others have said it’s just a case of “when” and “who” will survive the race to bring space to the masses.

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Then there is Blue Origin as well. It’s really down to Musk, Bezos and Branson. A win for any of their companies will drive up SPCE stock value though.

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I have been cost averaging on SPCE over last few months. Currently sat at about $16 per share.
I listened to the q2 report last night and no real surprises for me.
Like others I’m in for the long haul but I believe in the companies ethos and the experience/skills of its top management.

??? - asking for a non-gardening friend.

I think it’s bullshit but that’s the essence of stock markets so why not :cowboy_hat_face:

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