Rocket Lab [Discussion Thread] NASDAQ:VACQ (Vector Acquisition Corp) SPAC

I searched for Rocket Lab in forum and only found this one as a result :confused: :no_mouth: Am I the only one jumped on a real rocket company (… cough virgin…) is entering public domain?


Not the only one! I just haven’t jumped on it yet.

I used my spare cash on Iridium Communications (currently hovering around break even) after it crashed so I’m contemplating selling out of something else or awaiting another payday :sweat_smile:

(As a side note I am looking at reshuffling my portfolio a little as it is year end)

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I am planning to go a bit heavy on this, at least heavier than most of my other “new buys”. I already bought half of my planned position size buy selling some ETFs, and waiting for new financial year for the second half. I think this might be my second stoneco, if not better.

@Joey_Fantana can you split this topic into its own, starting from my rocket lab post above? We are bombing your SPAC thread for no good reason :slight_smile:


Done, although I didn’t have the ticker to hand so you might want to edit the Title to include.


I’ve got a bit of portfolio ‘spring cleaning’ to do before I go in but I’m, at least for now going with the view of my ‘usual’ buy size. Hopefully next week though, now the initial spike has been (naturally no one know what will happen next week)

This video may be of interest and how Rocket Lab’s SPAC was brought to my attention as I’ve watched this channel for a long time. If you have a general interest in such tech and ‘space news’ I’d recommend him as he’s an astrophysicist rather than just some commenter. It’s not an investment video, more of a video about the new Neutron rocket


I confess myself to be a space nerd!

Now is the beginning for the new space companies to going public:

I am investing in the following US stocks:

  • SRAC - Stable Road Acuisitoion (SPAC for MOMENTUS)
  • HOL - Holicity (SPAC for ASTRA - also a rocket luncher)
  • VACQ - Vector Acquisition (SPAC for ROCKET LAB)

I am also investing in the following German stocks:

  • MYNARIC (laser communication between satellites)
  • OHB (satellites technology company and also a participant in the ROCKET FACTORY AUGSBURG - also a rocket luncher)
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No MAXR in that list?

If only SpaceX would IPO, it will :rocket: :smiley:


yep, I first saw it on Scott Manley’s channel and immediately switched and watched the original video. (edit: ahh you also linked Scott’s video, just realised original: Introducing Neutron - YouTube)

I abhor Richard Branson with a passion, and similar to his past ventures, he is just “riding the hype wave” imo.


Haha I am on the same page as you here, I hate the guy, but money is money and I might open a position in Virgin Galactic whilst its dipped.

HELLO IM SCOTT MANLEY cant help read that in his voice when someone mentions his channel :rofl:

Of course I also invested in MAXR:

here my two T212-space baskets:

My favorites available on T212:

And the replica of “The Procure Space ETF - UFO” on T212 (unfortunately not all stocks of the real ETF here on T212 available):

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I already have some of the mentioned aerospace companies in my portfolio (Howmet Aerospace, Raytheon, Airbus, SPCE) and I am planning to jump on Rocket Lab (and maybe other new ones after some heavy researching) as soon as I have fresh capital. Hopefully the volatility in the markets will continue and we’ll have decent price tag. This is a very exciting time!

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Perseverance Rover’s robotic arm that collects soil and rock samples was created by MAXAR. :chopsticks:

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I really want to add a space play as it’s clearly the future - you wouldn’t get Elon and Jeff throwing money at it otherwise. Nor would you have a US military space division.

It’s just which is the best of the bunch as it stands? How does Rocket lab compare to $SRAC, Maxar etc

Edit* I’ve looked at Rocket Lab’s investor presentation and have made my mind up - I think.

@kali what are your new buys out of interest? I enjoyed going through your full portfolio back in October I think :thinking:


there is nothing on that list that compares with rocket lab. Only may be Astra is close since they had a semi-successful orbital launch in december 2020.

rocket lab is an orbital launch provider which is already launching commercially(90+ satellites launched) and generating revenue for some time now. SRAC is trying to build a tug for cube satellites and apparently first mission was planned to ride on spacex falcon9s in 2021 but then again apparently delayed. totally different companies apples and oranges.

I did not know anything about SRAC and opened their website, the first sentence is:

The next industrial revolution is right over the horizon. The opportunities for growth offered by space-based applications are virtually infinite, and we’re at the center of it all.

My immediate thought was “bitcoin is the future, no this coin is the future, no that coin is the future” reminded me of this. Looks like one of the many many companies that are trying to “ride the space hype” and definitely.

There are only a handful of companies with orbital launch capabilities or have a stream of satellite production boeing, ula, lockheed, northrop grunman etc are well know established and (semi)diversified companies out there. And there are up and coming companies developing rapidly. Spacex leads the pack in this category, and rocket lab is right behind them in second place (commercially I have no idea what blue origins goal is, other than Bezos wanting to create orbital colonies) And the good thing is spacex and rocket lab are not in direct competition at least for now.


Thanks @kali, confirming some of my own thoughts. My portfolio isn’t as diversified as yours (currently 4 stocks) however i do really want some space exposure. It feels like EV 6 yrs ago…it’s inevitable it’s going to happen with a limitless TAM.

Rocket lab :rocket:


I’d just be conscious with any SPAC unless you’re in at NAV. Even if you are in at NAV it doesn’t end well in a lot of occasions post merger

Take a look here and it tracks the SPACs post merger

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completely agree, I dislike IPOs I rarely buy them even months after the IPO date. SPACs are in a way dirtier and quicker IPOs. I think STNE is the only company I bought within 2 months of IPO and rocket labs is the only company I bought as SPAC.

After the confirmation announcement of a good company in a very popular vertical, it is almost impossible to get it at or near NAV though.
In any case this is neither my expertise nor preferred investment style. Just a blip on my timeline :slight_smile:

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Agree Spacs are dirty but among them there will be some gems. The other spac I like is $stpk Stem, energy storage play. An established business with actual revenue and everything :sweat_smile:

The reason Rocket Lab piqued my interest is because they actually have a reliable product already with this funding aimed at their next project aimed for completion in 2024 (which still for some reason in my head seems like a decade away)

Yes it is still speculative however having a product already in market serving its own niche, comforts me a bit.

Is there anything you can recommend for a read on them?

Not all the mergers have gone badly obviously so there is some merit to SPACs and space certainly is going to be a prominent theme for our generation.

I only have RTX right now that’s aiming at the sector

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