Virgin Galactic - Invested or Interested?

Hey everyone!
So how come no-one is talking about the space race currently going on?
I’d love to know others thoughts on Virgin Galactic.

Virgin Galactic (SPCE) has been a bit of a choppy stock since it’s IPO.
Albeit not the same as SpaceX, I don’t think anyone can talk about either without thinking of the other or bringing them both into the same conversation. It seems like another wave of space race right now, and it looks out of this world :sweat_smile: pun intended.

I can imagine this becoming more than just a nice toy for the rich, it could have the possibility to evolve into something with a lot more potential. Or it could go bust, who knows.

I have purchased some a few weeks back, just as a little gamble and hopefully in years to come it will have paid off nicely.

Love to know what everyone is thinking about this stock!

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I have put it into my moonshots portfolio :blush:. This is a portfolio I am happy to write off the cost from the beginning and pretend I have already lost all my money. It has great potential if they manage to achieve half of what they are planning. They are not just talking about space tourism, but also introducing flights around the world that would take minutes. If they can achieve that it will be a game changer.


I have a small position in them, their ideas for ultra high altitude flight could be a game changer if they can bring the cost and prices down as it will give a fairly substantial reduction in flight times.

Yeah, they could be the Tesla of the aerospace industry :wink:

Isn’t spacex supposed to be that? More like the virgin airways of space travel :joy:

maybe you could share it with us? :upside_down_face: just for inspiration :wink:

In that pie I’ve got
Beyond meat
Virgin Galactic

Enjoy :wink:
PS. This does not constitute investment advice but it is just for informational purposes only :joy::joy:

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You mean for entertainment purposes, I see Uber :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

I’m surprised you haven’t included cruise lines like Norwegian and Royal Carribean; and pharma like Astrazeneca, Novavax or Moderna.

I’m surprised to see Lyft too

I wouldn’t have any of them as moonshots. Most are established companies.

Cruises are non existent these days and both these companies are feeling it. Who knows their future.

They could easily moon once cruises start up again.

Don’t think so personally. These aren’t the same companies that went into the health crisis. They’re now more debt laden then ever and most have less assets. They might do 50% or even 100% up over a long period and return to prosperity but that does not make a moon shot.

Moon shots five, ten or twenty bag or go bust. None of those will. Not one, especially Astrazeneca a company already valued at 120bn.

Moderna and Novavax look fit for bust.

Astrazeneca and Novavax are in one of my stable portfolios as they are definitely going to be around for the long term. These moonshots are companies I think have potential but they have huge obstacles to overcome so they may make it or they might fail. This is my high risk portfolio. Cruise lines are going nowhere anytime soon and they are too highly leveraged for my liking. I don’t see most of them surviving.

I agree a lot of them won’t survive which is the reason behind my thinking that the ones that do will have a larger market segment and therefore moon off the back of that. It depends on what you consider mooning though. A 10 or 20 dollar rise is enough to make a small fortune and is a moon in my eyes.

As for the above post on Astrazeneca. Regardless of their market cap, if they find a vaccine they will moon. A vaccine will increase their value substantially.

I’ve been swinging it on and off for the past 4 months. Had to adjust the buy and sell range a couple times but pretty much a 15 buy and 17 sell could be repeated twice a month more or less. Nice little reliable gig
I wonder what its new resistance is going to be.

Long term I think it’s great, but I mostly like Chamath. I thought it would kick off in 5 years but who knows… it started moving

I made a few thousand on Virgin back when it mooned up to 40+

If you like buying and selling virgin, take a look at AMD. It’s been moving between 49 and 57 for months now.

Long term probably it will go up though.

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same, made 2k off it and sold on 20th feb. profit is profit, might regret selling in a few years but it is a speculative investment and extremely difficult to value/predict.