Space Industry Value Chain diagram

Just found an interesting diagram summing up the space industry. I thought it might interest some of you guys so I’m sharing it here :+1:


I dont get the ground segment part. How does that differ from satellite services?

Total guess but I assume that means “ground control”.

125 billion for ground control?! :frowning: Holy cow…

I would invest in spacex anytime

I’m not sure what that 125.2bn is referring to. More info would be great.

You can get exposure to SpaceX by investing in Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust or the Baillie Gifford US Growth Trust.


How so? Do they hold equity in SpaceX?

Correct, that have a stake in the company. Not sure of the exact figures as of today. On a very quick Google search, according to this article they have a £53m stake. SpaceX is still is less than 1% of Scottish Mortgage Trusts pot, but it’s something.

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Thanks for sharing @Enlil and @obrienciaran — Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, look like a great addition for a long term pie.

So we wouldn’t expect Spacex to go public anytime soon, if ever… simply because it’s funding comes from private investment?

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Scottish Mortgage is my biggest holding. Tom Slater and James Anderson frequently appear in the news for positive reasons. They’ve a keen eye for spotting high growth companies.

I wouldn’t write off SpaceX going public just yet but as far as I’m aware Musk has no plans to go public as of now.

There are various other larger stakeholders though. Apparently Google have invested a significant amount of cash as well (according to a quick Google search and finding an article from 2017. Not sure how up to date this info is)

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That’s pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing. I wish they had a larger relative stake :laughing:

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Why are you guys interested in SpaceX ?
Is it because Elon Musk is managing it or do you really see potential when it comes to the launch business ?
I can see how the satellite segments could make money but I don’t see how the launch business could be profitable. It’s more the state-subsidized type of activity, isn’t it ?
How about Starlink ?
Is it part of SpaceX or is it an independent company ?
@Elijah @obrienciaran @A_A @eject

I’m not particularly interested. Just answering some queries!

Correct, Starlink is the internet network provided by SpaceX.

I’m not too interested in space stocks right now but space is our destiny as a species so it would be a sensible long term play. Everywhere humans could have went, we did go. And at the rate we are screwing up and depleting this planet, we will have to look at others.


“NASA was founded in 1958, when the cost to reach orbit sat around $1,000,000/kg”. Holy moley.

Great read. It seems rockets like The Big Fucking Rocket and Falcon Heavy have brought the price per tonnage done massively. This should open up doors bigly for satellite internet and eventually space tourism. I’m most interested though to see where space mining will go in the upcoming decades and how that will affect companies and commodities.


Space business is not ptofitable now. But any business is at the beginning not profitable. SpaceX innovations has made large strides towards profit based exploration, tourism etc.

If I look back how fast humanity progresses (exponential) I see a chance that in my lifetime I see some fruits of that investment.
Also tbh I see some socio-ethical personal duty in the investment. Ideally we would want to save our Planet. But looking far down into the future (irrelevant for my lifetime) I see no way around extensive space exploration/mining/travel.

Also there is the Musk factor. He is and always has been so passionate about SpaceX. I’d like to be part of the space exploration movement.

A coming space race like in the 50-60ies (I believe?) would reignite public and institutional interest.

We live in very exciting times

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most of us could use a little less excitement in our lives right now :sweat_smile:

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@Elijah Do you include the satellite business in the “non-profitable” category ?

Just looked at the UFO etf as a reference point. It’s true that it doesn’t really perform that well. It’s barely back to pre-crisis levels. A bit like the european market (euro stoxx 50 etc…).

Musk said he might spin off starlink, and starlink already passed prove of concept

I believe satellite transport is already profitable for spacex but i can’t cite the source

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Thanks for sharing your views on this :+1:

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