Poll: How many Pies do you have? 📊

  • I don’t have Pies :muscle:t2:
  • 1 to 5
  • 6 to 10
  • 11 to 15
  • 16 to 20

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Feel free to add any comments related to the “amount of Pies” that you have now and what do you see in the near future :wink:


Should have done 1 as it’s own answer.
I only have one because it’s easier. Will likely be two when nested pies come. Dividend and growth. If there was pies within pies within pies then I’d do sectors


I also would like to have sectors, but more like “virtual pies” :wink:


So nobody has 20 pies?
Disappointing :laughing:

I have 21 for now.
2 more in draft.

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:flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

do you mind to share how do you “split” those Pies?
what they are about… don’t need to share the names if you prefer :wink:

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I have to type to get to character limit. Also 1 pie is just one stock. So in real only 2 pies.

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I have split as below. More diversified.

  1. EU Stocks (ETF’s) - MediumRisk - Medium Return
  2. EU Indices (ETF’s) (DAX, Stoxx-50,France-CAC, Swiss, Spain, Italy-MIB, Netherlands-AEX) - Low risk Low return
  3. UK FTSE (ETF’s) (FTSE 100, UK all share) - Low risk Low return (Not expecting any return in shorterm)
  4. US S&P 500 (ETF’s) (4 core S&P ETF’s)
  5. US Nasdaq (ETF’s) (4 core Nasdaq ETF’s)
  6. Global (ETF’s) (Clean energy, MSCI world, all world, global govt bond, global dividend)
  7. World (ETF’s) (India, China, Japan)
  8. Sectors (ETF’s) (Automation, Health, Consumer, battery, commodities, EV, …)
  9. IT (ETF’s) (Digitalisation, Cloud, MSCI USA, MSCI world, S&P 500 IT)
  10. Leverage Shares (ETF’s) (2x Dax, Euro Stoxx, s&p500 swap…)
  11. Emerging (ETF’s) (Private equity, MSCI emerging, MSCI EM, Digital security)
  12. LevShare-1 (2x 8 shares)
  13. LevShare-2 (2x remaining 8 shares)
  14. Us Tech - Euro (8 shares)
  15. Precious (ETF’s) (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium)
  16. Growth stocks (Okta, etc.,)
  17. Other Stocks
  18. Tried to replicate XTrackers USA It - In progress
  19. US Tech (10 shares)
  20. Other tech stocks

Apart from Pies, i also invest in around 80 stocks directly without pies.


2 pies - one for more long term, will attend to it to make sure it’s on track. The second is for social arb trades (kingfisher during lock down) or Gap due to Kanye west for 2021 - research dumb money, chris Camillo for more about social arb trades

That’s very detailed… thanks for sharing :wink:

I have 7.

Kid 1,2,3
UK first
USA bigs

Got 4 in total, I’d love a pies in pie feature as I am super lazy and would take it down to one transaction for my pies each month.

  1. Defense Fund (My own ‘ETF’ of defense stocks)
  2. Bonds
  3. Cola Battles (my anti smoking pie of the three big ones)
  4. Funds Fund

Then single stocks are invested in also at a 1:3 ratio (Manual Stocks:Pies)

5 pies

1 dividends boost
2 uk recovery
3 properties and REIT
4 retirement
5 big dogs

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I think the number one reason “not” to have pies is that it pollutes your “Investments” tab and then you cannot keep track of your previously bought stocks.
If they are not fractional (previous stocks) then you cannot put the in the pie, so the view is polluted.

Adding new stocks into the pie, if you bulk add stocks it should give option to give percentage at the time of adding, otherwise you have to back again and then give percentages to each one. The control to add percentage is not user friendly. “Fat thumb” problem, please make it easier to add values on very small edit text.

Thanks for listening to your customers.

11 pies to date:

  1. Small dogs of the Dow
  2. 12% solution (see David Alan Carter for more)
  3. Ecars
  4. Clean Energy
  5. High risk, high yield reits
  6. Replica of XLRE reit
  7. QQQ and high tech
  8. S&P 500 and Asian large cap
  9. Crude oil
  10. Precious metals
  11. Aggregate bonds

Works out to be approximately:

10% bonds
10% commodities
20% real estate
60% equities

What’s your make up and percentage of bonds if I can ask?

I’d describe this as a ‘higher risk’ bond set, might not be to everyone’s taste


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Ha, ha - definitely :grimacing:

I had to count 'em: I have 14 in all :grimacing:

I have a couple of ‘core’ pies, passively tracking the global equity and bond markets.

Then I have a dozen ‘satellite’ pies, which seek to mimic the five ARK ETFs and seven of the Baillie Gifford investment trusts as closely as possible.

If anyone would be interested in the BG recipes, let me know and I’ll post them.

I’m young(ish), I have time for them to mature, it’ll be fine :+1: :man_shrugging:

The aim for that pie is growth rather than ‘secure’ income from them as it won’t be cashed out for a long time