Spin-off/demerger data on exports

Hello there,

I was playing with the exported files on my account and wondered why we do not have a line item for a spin-off stock. I remember selling them but on my logs, I can only see a sell action for those stocks. For example, KD (Kyndryl Holdings Inc) or ONL (Orion Office REIT Inc.).

I understand they are not Buy or Sell but wondering if there was a way to see these stocks being added to my portfolio on my exports.

Hey, @minasm and welcome to the community :pray:

The chronological development of those positions will be available in your tax statement. But, we recognize that there’s room for improvement, so we’re already working to optimize this aspect of the service.

I’ll update the thread once I’ve got more info.

Hello @B.E

Thank you so much for your response. I guess for now I’ll find a workaround as these cases generate some weird stats on my end. Guess, I’ll write off the stocks if there are no Market Buys and only Market Sells.

On a fun note, I had some inconsistencies with the total number of shares until I realised I was missing the splits :smile:

In any case, I would love to hear any news on the additions on the spin-off/demergers.