Status of withholding tax on FTSE 100 companies

In the past T212 have applied withholding tax on my Smurfit Kappa Dividend despite having a UK listing but don’t do this on TriTax Eurobox dividends.

What is the status of the upcoming SKG Dividend as it seems inconsistent to apply this on the UK listing but not do it for EuroBox that pays in Sterling but is based on Eurocents, with both having UK listings.

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It depends on where the company is registered. Tritax Eurobox is registered in the UK, so no withholding tax. Smurfit Kappa is registered in Ireland, so subject to Irish withholding tax on the dividends.


I’ve got SKG and Safran…unfortunately it’s 25% am afraid.

The worst European dividend for me is VOW 26.375% ouuch that hurts

Yes, Smirtfit Kappa does have a UK listing, however, the company’s headquarters are in Ireland, hence the 25% tax on dividends. TriTax Eurobox, on the other hand, is based in London, so no dividend withholding tax there.

You could be eligible for a refund, though. But, I’m afraid you’ll have to confirm that with the local tax authorities.


Many thanks for the information.

May I also ask when the Dividend is due?

I haven’t had it yet but the Payment date was the 12th.

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If you’re referring to the LSE listing of Smurfit Kappa (SKG), we’re still about to receive the dividends. Once we do, we’ll distribute them to eligible shareholders.

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