Stock as dividend from Icahn Enterprises?

Hello there,

Today I got a notification from the app, see below;
Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 19.40.57

I could not spot anything in my history on this change. And when I viewed the stock itself, I only had my test purchase on this stock :slight_smile: For the sake of consistency, I was wondering how we would keep a record of this activity.

Maybe someone points me in the right direction. As far as I understand, I was given their stock as a dividend :slight_smile: If so, it would be good to see it in the history so could keep my records up to date with my tracker :slight_smile:

Sometimes these things take a day or two to show up in the records…check it tomorrow

Hey @minasm - maybe I can help with that. Let me send you a DM so we can check this together :man_detective:t2:

Yeah, looking back mine is the same, i have the notification but no referance in my account share detials

@anotherterror they pay in shares. No cash dividends. As it does not show in the history I got contused at first. If you check your shares, you’ll see it is more then you purchased.
Hope this helps🙏🏻

Brace yourself for new rules in 2023 whereby when you sell assets like these (known as Partnerships - denoted by the “LP” in the stock title) you will pay tax ON SALE even if you made no profit. Fun times. Regulation US1446F is you Google it.