Stock is higher then i buy but still negativ?

My question i have bougth this share for 77.9 euro
And now the stock is on 78.1 but i have a lose from 3.63%?

I do not get it…?

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Looks like chnages in currency conversion rates. If the currency has moved in the ‘wrong’ direction the share needs to go up in value more before you see a gain.

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If it is not currency rate, then please check below should be sell price, on the screen shot I only see average price and buy price (top), sell price should be below average price.


Sorry but I have the same question like mentioned above. So I have bougth the stock for 77.9 Euro now the stock is risen to 78.65 Euro. But why is the sell price just 55 Euro? This does not make any sense for me? Or I am a stupied m*****.?

Same issue here

I didnt find this in other exchange so this is confusing to me and some people i know too…

The sell price should be on the top right of your screen. I don’t think that’s it.

Well it is confusing, but I would say biggest issue is people not educating themselves before putting money in the market.

What is expected if you have main currency EUR/GBP and they purchase stock in USD, obviously in addition to price volatility there is also risk of FX volatility.

If you plan to invest mainly in USD you should simplify your life and create account in USD, therefore FX is done prior to deposit and everything else is clear %…