Stock market crash? Don't panic dividend investors & I lost £600 (15%)

Hey Investors,

I lost almost £600 in the stock market… Imagine investing at the worst possible time. I started investing on the 6th January 2020. Weeks later, Coronavirus, oil price collapse and I’ve been in the reds ever since.

But here’s why I’m super happy:

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Even after a few later deposits I am still down about 15% too. Mostly because of OXY. It’s half as much in my case at about £270

Now is a great time to buy those solid companies. Providing you have the free capital to invest more :man_shrugging:t2: I have to wait til payday again before I can put in my last deposit of the tax year.


wish i left money out of the market, very careless of me to buy so much when overvalued

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Was it overvalued at the time you bought it however? No point looking in hindsight now that it seems overvalued. Just celebrate in being able to grow your holdings much faster than originally possible. All this will pay out a few years down the line as the weight of our current holdings are much less than the newer greater additions.

I still hold the belief that OXY is a fine company once they sort out the current debt from the merger and they sell off the portion they cannot profit from.


I don’t own OXY, but just started investing recently at the peak, and put lots of money in before really knowing what i was getting into. Now i see most of the companies i invested in had P/Es that were too high. But yes, looking forward to getting returns from the current market, hoping it goes down a little more so i have more time to get in. Also hope it has a slow recovery so I can keep buying in on the way up

Night is darkest just before the dawn

I bought xom at 60 now it’s 38. Got 100 quid as dividend though and no cuts yet. Possibly might happen in near future. But I think oxy is down so bad because of 90 percent dividend cut. I am up on abbvie, fb and work. But down almost on all the UK stocks with xom

Dark days, lot of bad stuff in the world.

If anything positive for us millennial investors, we will have chance to buy quality companies at fair prices, even at bargains.

Peace out…


I had a great day added £800 worth of stocks today got some great company’s at crazy low prices. Hopefully in 5 years it will pay off. But in the meantime I’ll keep buying
Plus got a free share in AZN which topped of the day :smiley:


well, I am at a loss of about 2000 euros on t212 and 4000 on degiro. still investing strong as I have no doubt this is a temporary downturn. maybe it will take a year to get back to same level since this problem will hurt companies earnings for several quarters but this is good so we can level our buying price lower. keep buying!

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This whole corona virus crash opens up so many opportunities for young and new investors. This is the perfect time to invest, trying to teach as many friends about it as possible while injecting as much money as I can myself.


I’m down 16% as of today but will be averaging down in the following weeks/months. Yes, when I bought my stocks, majority were overvalued but who knew the run would end in Feb?
The positive from this is that there are some bargain buys in great companies.

Plus I haven’t lost anything since I haven’t realised my losses (I.e. panick selling). Fortunately in my case, I don’t rely on my investment for short term cash so I am able to keep invested regardless of what is happening to the market. I’m just going to carry on dollar/pound cost averaging, as it only makes up 20% of my monthly paycheck, and look into the next 5+ years from now.


@Runningman Yup this is what I’m doing. I’m down about £1000 now but I’m still smiling :slight_smile:

@Renekris 100% agree

@Dao Yup just keep investing consistently, no matter what the market is doing! Waiting for my next payday too :slight_smile:

Well don’t fire all your rounds at once, we might be for in for a long&wild run, who knows where the bottom lies…

@Vedran That’s the thing! No one knows where the bottom is, I’ll just be averaging in monthly. I do have some spare cash laying around too

Wow that video was identical to Andrei jikh video’s :rofl:

I look forward to upcoming weeks/months. Wouldn’t be surprising to see SP500 at 1770 levels again. Don’t blow all cash upstraight :slight_smile:

Hedging quite a lot to stay afloat. Will continue to buy more dividend based stocks once I see hope in the market, current situation seems to give off downfall vibes.

I am new to all this, are you guys saying buy loads of stock in apple, nike and so forth so when the corono situation is over these shares will be worth a lot more?

what if the companies go bust ?

Also is it true that no matter what share you buy , it can never be worth nothing, it can only go up from here right ?

is trading in trader invest and trader cfg the same, why do people say its more risky, why us it more risky please anyone please

how can i choose a share price of a company and when it hits that price tell trading 212 i want to buy so many shares at that price, also choose a share price of that company and when it hits that price tell trading 212 to sell my stock of that company ?

finally which companies are the best to invest in please anyone ?

Thanks for your help in advance. My email is