Stock Portfolio Tracker - Most Advanced Automated Stock Tracker

Evening Fellow Investors,

We have yet another opportunity for you to grab our stock portfolio tracker which is fully automated in terms of tracking “Market Price, Dividend, Ex-Dividend Date, Pay Date, Dividend Re-investments” & More. The sheet comes in several different theme colors but the price remains the same! It is the most advanced, automated by Google Finance & Yahoo Finance. Grab it while you can.

Also, with overwhelming support, we have now included an affiliate link!
Once you purchase the spreadsheet you are eligible to become an affiliate and earn a commission, minimum of 60%, and a 5% increase after 20 sales with a maximum commission up to 70%! It will simply be a referral link, share it on social media, to your investor friends and after visiting your link, they’ll have 30 days to purchase it.

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Now, let me explain what this spreadsheet includes!

Features Included: (new features are being worked on - once purchased, all future updates will be FREE OF CHARGES)

New Update 10th August 2020

  • Added GBP to USD currency conversion under the current FX rate for US Stock only.
  • Fixed the issue with the Gain/Loss would show incorrectly for US Stocks.
  • Fixed the Avg Price Per Share would be incorrectly calculated.
  • Minor bug fixes to make it more stable.
  • New Dividend tracking box feature added.

New Update 29th July 2020

  • Available balance reworked to make it more reliable.

  • Added a total Gain/Loss amount in the overview.

  • More bugs squashed.

  • Fully Automatic in fetching relevant data i.e Market Price, Dividends…

  • Available in all country currency e.g. GBP, USD, EUR

  • Compatible with ALL Devices

  • Calculates AVG Price Per Share

  • Up to date 24/7 Market Price

  • Cost Basis

  • Market Value

  • Gain/Loss Calculation

  • Growth in stock Calculation

  • Ex-Dividend Date

  • Pay Day-Date

  • Annual Dividend Pay per share & Per Stock Dividend Yield

  • Annual Dividend Pay (all shares calculated)

  • Added a new function that will automatically calculate your existing stocks with your current available balance to display how many shares you can afford.

  • Dividend Re-Investing

  • Deposit Entry Tracker (Withdraw / Deposit)

  • Added tabs for personalized Stock ( Keeps everything in order)

Deposit Page

Track your depository / Withdrawals and your dividends.

Individual Stock Page

This page is important. You insert your stock ticker, add relevant information, and just like that, you are sorted. The sheet will work its magic and it displays your gain/loss, dividend price, market price & more inside the overview page.

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