Stock Price Increase Not Reflected in Account?


I have a position with Heat Biologics Inc (HTBX), who had a good day yesterday, increasing 23% or so. However, I was expecting to have seen this mirrored in the increase in my position, but this does not appear to be the case.

Admittedly, the position was VERY bad (appx. -60% start of the day), but with the day’s rise, I would have expected to see this decrease to +/- -40% but the increase only appears to have been 10% (current position -51.09%)

Might this be due to exchange rate differences? Is there something else going on? Is there an error in the T212 system?

The position details are as follows (@EOD 16/09/2020):


I accept what I see in my account as “the truth”, but would like to know what is going on.



Yes… please just use the search tool, you will find dozens of topics about this that you can use to fully understand the underneath calculations :wink:


Thanks! I had looked for something along these lines but couldnt find anything that fully explained it. Will take another look though!