Stock request HEO

Please :pray:

This is one of the small in number group of companies that are dealing with desalinated water and providence of clean freshwater shortages in North America and Africa, projected for massive growth alongside Consolidated Water Company ticker CWCO over next 5 years in this mission.

This is traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange to which T212 doesn’t have access yet.

Are T212 going to give users wider access to highly developed markets such as TSXV and /ASX?

Some really good Canadian companies on their domestic market outside of the US and relying on CAD and AUS companies to list on US exchanges.

You hear of well coveted companies in worldwide markets, then turn to T212 and realise not available. Be nice to think eventually T212 will expand their universe into these markets, especially when multi-currency accounts are launched.

Do we know when we will have access to these markets @David?