Stock request + italian stocks !

Hi, would like to be able to invest (and not only cfd) on Polaris Inc. (PII), which has a nice dividend yield.
Also, it would be great if you added italian stocks

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Polaris is already on invest :white_check_mark:

As for other stocks, Trading 212 has access to the below markets so any requests would need to be listed on one of them

London Stock Exchange & LSE AIM
Deutsche Borse Xetra
Euronext Netherlands
Euronext Paris
Bolsa De Madrid
SIX Swiss

You want to invest in mozzarella ?

Oh right, though when I search for stocks to add to a pie, it won’t show up. Any clue?

This is because it is not a fractional share yet.

Screenshot from 2020-09-28 19-00-06

If you wish to add a share to a pie have a look in the top left of the listed share for an ‘F’ like above

You may need to turn this feature on if you have not already (I’m not sure if it defaults on) which can be found in settings

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Got it, thank you very much for your replies :slight_smile:
Hope it will be able to be added to pies soon!

This is the most recent update from staff :+1: