Greatland Gold plc (GGP)

Would love it if you could add Greatland Gold - GGP stock, seems to only be available with more old fashioned brokers.
Thank you

GGP and other AIM mining stocks (HLP, EUA, AMC etc.) seems to already been available on T212 since a few days ago.


I tried buying some Greatland Gold shares an hour ago, and order is still processing, and can’t be cancelled! Funds are blocked of too of course.


My funds have been blocked for almost 2 hours, please help.

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@trading212_team please read the previous posts

Hello @gb1994. Please check this previous post, it might shed some light into the case.

@PeterA this has confused me further. Please in simple terms, can I get my money back, or will my order ever be executed?

Orders on this stock are executed no more than a couple of times a day, due to its trading schedule, so if you are willing to trade on it, exercising patience is a must. Unfortunately, as this is a market order, already sent out it cannot be cancelled.

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I’ve had an order in place since Thursday with a max limit higher than the current price(max limit: 5.90p, current price: 5.70p. It still hasn’t gone through, according to other investors I’ve spoken to, the order should go through instantly.
Are you certain this isn’t an issue with your platform?

I’ve had an order in place since Thursday with a max limit higher than the current price(max limit: 5.90p, current price: 5.70p. It still hasn’t gone through, according to other investors I’ve spoken to, the order should go through instantly.
Are you certain this isn’t an issue with your platform? There have been plenty of trades made in this time.


If I can make use of a reply David made to a similar query previously:

Most shares
trade on SETS which stands for the Stock Exchange Electronic Trading Service,
the London Stock Exchange’s digital order book. SETS facilitates most of the
orders on the LSE .SETS qx (where Greatland Gold is traded), or Stock Exchange Electronic
Trading Service – quotes and crosses, is a variant of SETS that is used for
securities that aren’t liquid enough for SETS. There are auctions that are scheduled to
take place at 8 am, 9 am, 11 am, 2 pm and 4:35 pm. For some stocks, there are
market makers who will offer prices on a fixed bid/offer spread while the
market is open. Usually, if there’s enough
demand/liquidity, the orders would go through the auction. I’m guessing that
the broker you made the order with either internalized the trade (off-book) or
traded with a market maker. Trading with a market maker is a manual process
which may involve phone calls or manual electronic call. Both of these would
necessitate some discretion on the part of the broker – whether to accept a
price whereas executing an order in an auction period means there is no market
spread and buyers and sellers should receive the same price. We’ll look at what
we can do to improve this though.

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I’ve just been caught out with this, saw it at 6.60p and placed an order.

It just tipped 7.5p and my orders still haven’t been taken. Unsure what price I’ll actually get. :man_shrugging:

WIll it be at 9am :pray:

@PeterA and @NickS can it be made clearer what times they actually execute at?

Does this mean if I put through an order at 10:59pm it will actually be included in the 11am?

Trying to avoid placing an order and the price being wildly different.

CEO is listed as Callum Baxter in the stats. Should be Gervaise Heddle.

Callum Baxter is the Technical Director.

Can someone please let me know if I need to be cancelling the current orders and setting a limit with this to be able to actually buy?

That 9am has been and gone. All its done is my blocked for pending orders is a few hundred quid higher than it was. Will these go through?

Such a shame from seeing this at just over 6p and its nearly at 8p I could have made a nice instant ~20% profit.

I’m sure this is going well over 10p in the next couple weeks so would be nice to actually get onboard!!

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Another attempt. Am I doing something wrong? Stuck on processing.

I do want to buy more of this, will it be lucky dip every time getting an order executed? It isn’t pleasant having to :pray: :crossed_fingers: for hours and seeing it up 20% not being able to do anything.

@gb1994 how did you get on? Have you been able to top up?

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@phildawson as you can see from above I’ve been trying to buy shares in GGP since it was at sub 5p! My orders would never go through, and now the SP has gone up by 100% and I’ve missed my opportunity.

This is definitely an issue with Trading212, and for whatever reason they can’t seem to accept responsibility.


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read previous @PeterA @NickS

I’ve suffered from this on T212.
I would classify myself as (kinda) an experienced investor and I’m well aware of the SETSqx mechanism having ran a trading operation for 10 years.
My conclusion is unscientific but I ‘suspect’ T212 do have an issue - sometimes.
‘Sometimes’ my order was well inside in uncrossing and still didn’t execute for days. Yet then miraculously did. So I have no way of truly understanding why it didn’t uncross before.
So my advice? I don’t really have any! Just be aware of what you’re getting in to. Trading is not always straight forward and there are quirks that may not be immediately apparent. Should that stop you trading or learning? No. DYOR. But equally T212 maybe need to step up a little and help people out rather than blanket customer service emails that say ‘AIM is different…’. That is unclear and at worse misleading and gives no confidence customer services truly understand what they are saying !
Lessons in both sides.

You won’t get the (potential) benefit of the uncrossing price but FreeTrade appear to execute all SETSqx via a market maker rather than auction.

Swings and roundabouts. Pros and cons.

But you have options

I managed to get that 15000 yesterday but it didn’t buy on my premarket order this morning. I’m literally :crossed_fingers: its low again to have another go and hope it takes it.

It’s not a nice way to trade hoping that just before the auction times that it’s the price you want, and then hoping it goes through.

Is there any way to make these instant? Or is it too much cost to T212?

I’m :crossed_fingers: this goes to p20+ when the news is released in seven days time. Probably heading to £1 a share in the near future so I wouldn’t mind getting another 15000 even at p8! Just annoying I didn’t catch it at 2-3p!

8:58am now do I go in at 7.85 or wait another 2hrs before the value at 10:58am


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