NEW Penny Stocks on 212

Can everyone share their latest buys of penny stocks available on 212?

GWMO and KEFI for last 30 days


KEFI all the way, :crossed_fingers: the GGP of 2021

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What does GGP stand for?



I’m a bit salty as I had over 50,000 just after April.

What’s that £17,500 now

did you sell and take profit?

Sold out everything at 17p

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concerned about the 2.14bn outstanding shares?

are you back in on KEFI?

I’m heavy into KEFI, unfortunately a lot before the Ethiopian issues and waiting on Harry to deliver the goods. So pretty much break even at this point.

If you want to have the Telegram group its

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If you are thinking of jumping in it’s going over bought on the daily, but it’s curled up nicely on the weekly. Might want to let it cool off first.

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what’s your price target on this?


I was originally looking for a quick double 2p > 4p but I’ll hold till double figures.

What do you see as an analysis for GWMO?

They started pouring gold and silver from its site in Nevada. No details for quality and output, put not that much in there waiting for more details for now