Stock screener in T212

Hi T212, with an increase of many new stocks into the platform is there any possibility of having a stock screener in T212?

It will help a lot to filter the stocks available on the platform. At least to known which stocks are over brought / over sold or to know the volume.

Hope you guys will have a look into this.
Its difficult to look for this on a different website and realise that those stocks are not available in T212.



even some easy Filters such as; Volume, Market Cap, dividend rate, Sales etc. would be amazing…


Maybe I’ll try and build something basic.
A simple screener only for T212 stocks.

What data points would you like?

Div yield ?
Payout ratio?

I could make it super simple … and not update “live” so was just a guide… a way to filter stocks quickly?

I dunno

Depends if it’s worthwhile

I reckon I could hack something in a few hours if anyone’s interested :man_shrugging:


That would be great…

Or an API to wallmine ( with read-only access like IBKR (Interactive Brockers) already does it to WallMine.

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it will be great to just get the volume and an oversold and overbrought indicator for higher time frame for starters :slight_smile: