Stock scanner added in Invest

I was looking other platforms used in the US and noted that it has a stock scanner on certain RSI, SMA or even market cap. Is there something in the pipeline and planned to be rolled out this year?


I like this idea, we need a scanner, atleast for the web platform

I agree, while we have a more limited stock selection (though I appreciate how many stocks are being added recently), it’d be great to have a screener built in so we don’t have to check every stock in a third party screener to make sure it’s even listed on T212 in the first place

I spent a lot of time looking at the pretty awesome US platforms like thinkorswim or webull, all have these features built into one singular platform and I think it’d be a huge point for T212 to get closer to an all in one intergrated platform with new charts and all these other features as I don’t believe any of the zero commision UK brokers offer this right now

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