Stock Screener: What should I use?

Do you strictly buy and hold and never take any profits to then go in on a dip?

@pipo almost shot me dead for suggesting taking profits is a good thing. There was a massive thread on this about a month ago about buy and hold and hoping your stocks will grow in value in such a way they mimic compounding growth (often the case but not guatenteed), vs taking profit when it comes when exponential gains come. I’m in the latter camp. I think buy and hold is a good general method but in my opinion it’s insane not to take profit when it comes. I’m here to be more financially free, not just plan for retirement. I’ll root out the thread when I’m off my mobile.

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I have used fin it doesn’t have U.K. stocks though. Does anyone know how to request a stock to be added to trading 212?

Just put a request in on this forum under the stock request section which you can select when making a new post.

Please see this shitstorm for more info: I was told that I have to constantly sell my stock then reinvest it to "lock in" profits. Is this true? @Jobloggs


I think a shit storm is a bit of an understatement :joy:.

What I’ve taken from it is that there are different styles of investment approaches. If you’re are going pure value I understand why some people will just hold. I’ve got some picks like that that I’ll just leave there in my retirement pie.

Then on the other side of things, when NKLA shot up to over 50, I learnt a lesson and should of taken some profits and I certainly will in future.

Fundamentally, it’s all about context.

I’m with you on all that. I feel I’ve lost out a few times when things shoot up by not taking profit and locking it in.

Though yes, long term holding is also generally a good idea I find, for value as you say and I do also have some picks in a dividend pie which I’ll hold long term.

The ones i use are finviz, wallmine and simply wall street

That’s not a screener lol more of a heat map/matrix