Stock Screener: What should I use?

What stock screeners do you use? MSN money screener for example, does not have stocks from EU exchanges.

I’m using the app Teletrader. Quite good.

Back when I use to follow this method I used the Acquirers Multiple structure. The guy who created actually created an ETF (‎ZIG:NYSE). But TBH, this method is flawed in this new world of technology and reducing cost curves.

Just had a look… the website is like 90s Geocities style! I feel like I’m in a time machine.

Anyway, Trading View has a screener. Is that what you’re looking for?

TradingView. Works manually with free account. If you have a paid account you can set it to refresh at certain intervals.


I’m quite happy with this style. :slight_smile:

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Looked into it, no EU stocks, but thank you!

so what method do you use now?

this is a good screener. Thank you!

stockopedia is my favourite one, there is a subscription fee. However their ranking system is really good and generally out perform the market.

Finviz is really good


Seems a great source, but 550 per year to access European Stock data. At this stage, that would simply mean the subscription will exceed the return of investments, by a far lot.

Deep research with zero diversification. Or at worst 3 stocks. I focus on tech and reducing cost curves. A good example is ARK Invest, just look at their top 10 positions do you own research, buy and hold. Personally I don’t see anything with the same potential as TSLA right now. My expectation is around $5T-$10T in value in the next 10-20 years. So for me its very simple, all in, then dollar cost average every extra penny I can pour in. Unless I find something else that will compound at 40% per year for the next 10 years.

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What’s that future valuation based on?

I’m still undecided on the cost, no doubt they’ll be a great company though if they pull off what they say they will.


Very good question. It appears to come with a margin of error the size of Apple’s market cap in either direction. I hope it works for the guy, though.


Sorry for the delay Joe. It comes down to my expectation based on research for future cashflows. As Buffett has always said that’s all that matters. So based on that I think the business is likely to generate in excess of $2T of revenue (once at scale), I expect the profit on that to be $400B, so a 25x PE on that is $10T. Obviously these numbers can vary a lot. I still think no-one has any idea how big Tesla will be. Energy is going to likely fill 50%-75% of revenues.

Hey - I’ve replied, take a look. I have another video coming out tomorrow with my $10T valuation reasoning. All the best.

I’m very happy with yahoo finance. But I’m old skool and theres probably a lot better out there

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I like that as well, but not all EU stocks are there. Generally speaking I guess all screeners lack data for EU traded stocks relative to the US markets.

40%+ CAGR stocks imo FMCI(SPAC), WKHS, NIO, SPAQ(SPAC), SHLL(SPAC), RKT, BIGC, GP, INO, SPCE, FCEL, PLUG and so many more