Stock sentiment

I would love to see a feature where we can vote, comment, thumbs up/down etc to show the sentiment towards a stock.

Having seen so many HCMC threads over the last week it would be handy for the T212 customers to help label up pump and dump scams.

have you just been on Reddit again or has some youtuber in their 20s told you could triple your money instantly? Well avoid this stock.

Something like Stocktwits without the spam


I’ve never seen such a scam stock in my life.

Also you’ve given me an idea. Thinking out loud here but I don’t think it would be too difficult to build an algorithm which scrapes text say at 09:00 each morning from Twitter, Reddit, various news sources; find which stocks are being mentioned; apply a bit of machine learning to determine whether or not the general sentiment is positive of negative with a probability score/confidence in the sentiment the algorithm has determined; and finally perhaps automatically post said stocks with their scores here on the T212 forum each morning.

I’d be up for it as a group project if others were.


Selecting penny stocks and 6hrs

That’s very interesting. I love that they have a measure for number of rocket emojis.

I see they only have a ‘score’ which relates to how much chatter is happening about a certain stock. It could be possible to add a sentiment functionality to this code. I had a look at the Github, and it’s basic enough. I’m not sure what that site is hosted on though, it may not have the compute power do the machine learning aspects on the fly as the user toggles between their selected time frames or subreddits.

Interesting site though!