Trading 212 software updates & feature introduction pipeline

Dear @Trading212.

Would it at all be possible to provide us, your loyal customers, with some insight into what software updates and feature introduction you have planned for both web and mobile apps?
I ask as we frequently bombard you with wants and wishes, often duplicating requests, when a little insight might actually go a long way to support further collaborative discussion and perhaps even spurn as yet unthought of ideas.

Yours faithfully.


While I’d agree that having some sort of loose roadmap would be useful, it’s also important to strike the right balance.

T212 has been able to come out of relatively nowhere and beat rivals to many features: free instant trades, free Isas, fractionals, and so on.

I wouldn’t want to see T212 lose that edge and agility. Making your plans public can give your competitors too much of a heads up.

That’s true although there are a lot of breadcrumbs on this forum if you have hours to look through.

Some off the top of my head although not sure when they might be introduced or if they are still even in the pipeline!

  • Multiple currency balances so you can purchase for example USA stocks in USD without having to keep exchanging to/from GBP each time

  • SIPP account support

  • JISA account support

Would be interesting if people posted what else has been mentioned. :grin:

I bet someone at T212 is thinking “Those little turds in the forums are at it again, demanding more features!” :sweat_smile:

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The post with the link below is composed from things that have been mentioned by staff as being on their roadmap or frequently requested by users. I’m happy to add to it if anyone notices omissions. There are currently 30 such features listed.

Most requested features survey

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