Stock request feature/voting systematic

Love the app but I have one major gripe with it; its the disappointment I get when I find out the stock I have just discovered is not on it.

If there was a feature that tracked searches for tickers on the app and maybe if it gets searched for by a certain amount of users then it would be clear that there was interest in the stock.

Many a times have I searched for tickers and been very disappointed at them not being there. It is for me, making the platform feel emptier.

I know there is now a long delay in getting tickers added and I know there is no set deadline to when they will be added but that’s what makes it way more annoying.

I know you guys have lots of work to keep on top of and this wasn’t meant to become a rant but I just think there could be a way better way to get tickers added.

Literally a paid service for tickers to be added quickly before the next day trading would be something I would definitely pay for. £10 a ticker? I’d pay it.

Just thought I’d get this discussion started. I may be the only who wants this… Who knows.


I get where you are coming from, but honestly if you have “just discovered it” I think its a good thing you have to wait before being able to touch it.

too many of the requests seem to me like people trying to time the market or catch a trend. not requests for stocks they want because they know enough about the company to ensure profitability.

On the plus side, at least the stocks that are viable do get added rather quickly. I don’t see much getting added all that soon by other brokers that already offer a larger selection. In relation to that, paying a fee to have a stock added seems inappropriate and counter to T212s goal of fee-free service.


True, I understand time can show both the good and bad of not buying a specific stock and having to wait gives you a better mindset when the purchase comes.

I think I have been guilty of trying to catch trends on some stocks on my watchlist but you can’t deny that catching a trend can lead to very quick riches.

And watching a stock go up on a trend you could have almost predicted is hard to watch. Just be good to have a chance at it sometimes. Gives a bit of excitement and is to some a viable trading strategy that we are kinda missing out on.

I know trading212 don’t want fees but some non-essential things like this could be added to give the ‘free’ users some feeling of importantance like the CFD traders and the feeling that they adding to make the platform thrive even more than it allready does.

I’m not sure what other platforms offer because there is no real reason for me to look. Trading212 still ticks all my boxes.