Discussion Tab for each Stock

Ever considered a discussion tab like Yahoo finance has for each stock?

Would be amazing if you could also include a “confirmed investor” to legitimize people’s comments/thoughts :slight_smile:

Also, have you considered integrating this community into the app? Would be nice :slight_smile:


people need to have a position in a stock to have a legitimate view?


Agreed! Maybe, anyone can view but only people with a position can comment, rate, reply etc.

Sorry that’s not what I meant… I’m sure you’ve seen the kind of comments people leave on Yahoo finance… Often I ask myself, does is this person actually investing in this stock?

Those who haven’t invested in a security, also deserve a voice of course :slight_smile:


I like the idea, but I feel that we have an excellent community forum. I feel that such discussions would provoke more input and inclusion, were they to take place on the forum.

But it’s like saying a investment advisor is saying buy a stock but doesn’t own it him/herself. Then why would we want a random joe the lad saying buy it when he doesn’t own it. Gotta own the stock to comment on it, could easily get around this tho but adding a little star or smt that says not invested

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Yeah it’s like amazons “Verified Purchaser” tag for their review sections. People can still comment, but if random lads are preaching a stock, it would be nice to see if they’ve invested in it themselves.

Anyways, I think it would be cool to have some form of chat integrated into the app :slight_smile:

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Yeah you don’t have to disallow non-investor comments. You just have to mark those that have invested. Otherwise you’ll have a very one sided discussion

Yes and most of them are BS. Don’t read them anymore. Same as the majority of people on Stocktwits. Most of them just post the information which is beneficial to them and leave out the information which would tackle their thesis.