Stock Split CFD account

whats concerning though is you’ve seen a staff member state something else regarding CFD’s.

i did ask a few times about CFD’s and been assured whole shares were included.

roll on yolo monday

There are no shares on CFD platform. Only on Invest or ISA.

I am not saying anything anymore, this is becoming one big s**t show. One topic this is said, suddenly someone else mentions something completely different. I am done.


yes there are shares, but with 5x leverage

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big hug love, it is soooo frustrating/annoying, i totally understand what you are saying and thats why i’ve been asking them this past couple of weeks+ as the message isn’t clear.

they are contracts based on the price of the underlying, in this case shares. what chantal was saying is that when you buy cfd you are not buying a SHARE therefore you are not trading SHARES - which is what was meant by “there are no shares on cfd platform”.


@Hectares @svenhr It’s incredible how you put money in the platform understanding less than zero regarding finance. Do you know the difference between a share and a CFD? a cfd is NOT a leveraged share or a share bought on margin. It’s a contract with an underlying cashflow… please read something about it before losing all your money.
I hate to be rude, I just say it for you.

@romoloo i’m a bit baffled by your message, staff have stated several times in this forum that TSLA CFD will receive the stock split which i believe was assisting you to reach an answer to your question.

in regards to losing my money, i’m doing fine, thank you for expressing concern :wink:

ps: maybe you didn’t realise you posted your question in a CFD stock split post?

Bug report

@Martin For $AAPL the stock split didn’t happen correctly on my virtual CFD account. I’ve got a margin call and a -15k wiped out the whole account (that had 10k capital and ~5k free funds):

Those were full 40 shares, not fractionals.

I’ll be curious what will happen with my fractional $TSLA stocks on my virtual investing account. I’ll wait it out just for fun.

Unfortunately, we don’t execute any corporate actions such as dividend payments, stock-splits so on and so forth at our demo platform.

Thanks @Martin, that’s unfortunate because people might be using the demo accounts (which I surely do) for deciding if they can trust Trading212 with their real money later. And if such things happen on demo, it deteriorates trust. Just to be clear I’m not complaining, just suggesting that the demo accounts should behave just the same way as real accounts do.

Thank you for your feedback. We’ll consider that!

I’ve tested a few different Practice accounts on different brokers and they all have one thing or another disabled. One of them even had stocks disabled - indices only. Worst practice account ever! I think the T212 one is decent enough.

I understand why they disable a few things. It surely costs extra money and man hours to have a duplicate of your platform running 24/7. However the new stock split prices should be added I agree. Perhaps not “live” but hopefully at some stage.