Stock Splits on Fractional Shares

I currently have 0.6 shares of Tesla and I was wondering how many shares will I have after the 1/5 stock split?

I’ve been given different answers some say as I don’t own a full share this will all be sold and I will have to re-purchase and other say 0.6 x 5 = 3 and therefore I will have 3 shares…

What’s the truth on this??


Search the community. Has been asked many times…

Fractional shares will not be split, your position will be closed and the funds are added to your free funds. After the split you can open a fractional position again.

@chantal I would disagree based on this particular comment from @L.D in that the fractional amount after the split will be sold off. It’s not crystal clear, however. So easy to see where all the confusion kicks in! :tipping_hand_man:

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Yes because David said something else in Apple stock split topic. Confusing.

There will be a message sent out in the notifications explaining everything or so I heard.

Chantal if you searched the community you’d also see that there have been many different responses surrounding this… even from staff members.

Yep it isn’t as straight forward, been two different responses from staff. But for clarification we’re going to have a platform notification and then we will know for sure

This isn’t correct because I have 0.6 shares and have been told ALL 0.6 will be sold as I don’t have a full share pre-split…

Also I’m not referring to the pie scenario but does this matter? I own 0.6 fractional shares and I’ve been told ALL will be sold as I don’t yet own a full share…

Tomorrow, we’ll post a detailed explanation regarding all the scenarios that may arise in respect of the stock split execution.


You do realise that posting this information so late is poor, this doesn’t allow people to make informed decisions! if I knew my fractional shares would not have been split I would have waited until after the split to buy my shares and now I could possibly be closed out at a loss because of trading 212’s misinformation… :neutral_face:

My other broker said fractional shares will be kept and split. Hence for TSLA .1 will become .5.

Can we implement something similar for T212?

Here’s all the information regarding the upcoming stock splits!

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