COMPLAIN T212 stocks

Hello, i’m invested in this stock which you clearly see it has no graph (maybe cause it was added recently??) well i bought an ammount of shares and i noticed there’s a sell order i didnt place… thats not all, when i try to cancel it it doesnt allow me to !!!


now it executed the sell order at a loss wtf

Mercado being market?

That means best available.

That instrument has incredibly low liquidity.

and the return should be 25.53 right?? guess what i dont hve any funds??

yeah but i didnt put that sell order and it sold with no returns?? i’ve been trading with 212 since april but mann…

I don’t know about that but in the screengrab above “precio Medio” is average right? And Venta being sell?

So you hold with an average of 15 and sell when the BID is at 10 so that’s always going to be a loss unless the euro/dollar FX went in your favour.

-13.56 euro being the overall result.

yes, but the buy price hasn’t been updated since yesterday, so when you type HCMC on the app it shows a price and they when you buy it its a higher or lower one cause you can’t keep up with the price cause the graph isnt showing at all…

But you were selling not buying?

you missing the point, i didn’t place that sell order and once i noticed it i even tried to cancel it and it didn’t let me

Who placed this market sell ?

it wasn’t me at all…why would i seel at a loss…if anything i want to add more to avg down not selling…

but lets say i put that sell order as you can see it says 25 something in return…why is my account balance 0. wtf

Im just checking in WeBull and that stock has almost no liquidity. That might explain the no quotes and lack of chart

Yeah I don’t know why it would be 0.

Was this the only stock inside the Invest?

i know they won’t reply but at least fix THE PRICE


do you mean the only stock in my portfolio?

Sorry I meant did you have other funds before you sold?

So it was at 0€ before it sold?

i had 57, something eur before

Well usually seen sell orders, when initial Buy order executed on total value exceeding the availability of free funds. Thus auto sell to keep free funds out of negative.

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