Stock won't sell

I’ve tried selling my shares in Novartis for 2 days now. I tried to sell on Thursday, but the order was still pending by market close on Friday. Hopefully, it’s fine when market opens Monday but this is just really weird. I’ve tried selling once before but it didn’t sell then either! I’ve just lost on two great selling moments for this stock.

Looks like the the trading activity on this stock is rather low volume. Perhaps T212 have your sale sat stuck in a queue.

I’ve been trading for a month now and everything has been great until last week where I’ve experienced something similar to you. Unfortunately, 212 say it’s out of there hand and it down to the exchange. They will not even give timelines as they say that they cant. I lost just shy of an eye-watering £1k in profits. They need to update the broker they use. I think they are a victim of there own success. I also noticed execution time on frequently traded stock take longer than before to execute and lost in slippage in the last week.

Can’t sell my shares either… useless really, if I can’t sell shares when the price is high then whats the point. Will go back to the old way of doing it.

You could try selling with a limit order. Set the limit slightly lower than the current price. You might lose a few cent but I suspect it will process immediately.

:+1: sound advice, thank you.