Pending order - processing - ✅ Solved

Processing order for more than 5 minutes …how long it can take ?! Is it a joke ?! @Team212


Same here cant delete or change

My ‘Selling order’ is still processing. What a joke…

Same here, over 5 min

What stock is it? Same here! T212 sometimes is very very bad, play with peoples money like it’s a game

Yep my sell order processing as well: BGFV

Same thing here, this has happened far too often recently.


Yep and it has cost people profits

0 communication from T212 too. My order has been processing for 20 minutes.

My order is processing from 5:17 pm…it’s right now 5:37 pm …team212 something to add ??? @Team212 @teamdave

What’s so annoying is how t212 doesn’t have live chat anymore, how can’t you have chat that is live? Why am I going to email the team to get a response tomorrow, there pushing the wrong things forward to easy and holding back the real services, like CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Slow updates. Connection problems and bugs. Lovely. And my sell is still processing while the price goes up.

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No response on mail to… i got stuck with to pending orders more than 20 min

This is actually a joke I bought DADA NEXUS at 16.05 it’s pretty much at 17 and I can’t cancel, going to buy at high price n probably buy less. Absolute joke. Sometimes I wish I could leave t212 but there is actually no where to go, we’re stuck

We’re very sorry about what’s happening. IB is experiencing problems yet again. They’re aware of the issue & working on solving it, ASAP.

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Hi there,

I had a sell limit today and tried to remove it, still appearing as pending and I can’t do anything with it. Any ideas?


When I try to sell now…

Any idea when this will be fixed? Multiple issues across the board and 0 communication.

Thanks for the update David. Keep us all posted as soon as this gets addressed.

We have the same martin