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hi I’ve been trying to buy a stock for 3 days now keeps cancelling my order as not enough money AFTER hours of waiting then I place another order AFTER the price has risen, says it again. Price rises again I do it again says it again. It’s becoming a joke this app, with currency conversion, placing orders even live chat has gone and there is no phone number to call, don’t give me the number as I’ve phoned it over 20 times just hangs up. Customer service is terrible and they blocked my other account because of my OPINION. Seems they only want good stuff showing and all improvements hid so they look like it’s all roses. Sort it out

It is helpful if you give details so others can understand. For what stock did this occur? Were you placing market order or limit order?

Market order and premier minerals

There are other threads about this I think.

Use search.

It is a serious statement you make about them blocking your account for your “opinion”.

Their T&C are here , so you can complain officially (up to FOS) using the instructions at

But let’s see what their staff answers in regards to that.

@medicii1 Could you provide me with your email address so I can check if your other account was indeed blocked because of “our opinion”?

As for order execution, you’re trying to trade a highly illiquid AIM stock. There are a ton of posts on the community about them, such as this one here: Struggling with market order

And one about PREM specifically, which @Richard.W also mentioned: What's happening with sale of PREM? and yeah I’ve read through it quite annoying haha

Also off topic, when are use doing out of hour update so we can trade on invest out of hours? Said use was going to place onto platform but nothing yet ?