Stocks to Watch

I’m also watching Canon and Nikon in the photography sphere. there are some great pieces of tech being released in the next year and nobody is complaining when the pro photographers are getting better cameras to work their magic with.

would be great to see TYO Listed companies someday on the T212 platform.

Nio inc is going up very fast


CTS Eventim is pretty interesting. It’s a german company focused on selling tickets and live entertainment

Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust PLC (SMT) - is good one too


Cara therapeutics has got potential!

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Is it similar to Eventbrite?

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Its been a great few weeks in the stockworld.

Ive been watching NIO , BYND , APHA and RusHydro on CFD lately. Thanks for all of the comments guys ! Ive looked at those stocks mentioned too.

SPCE is a fun one to watch for sure. Got some @12 right after the IPO, saw it drop some 40%, but lately it has been on a tear.


I’m currently liking BP. It’s not going up at the moment but what can we expect during this pandemic.

However decent dividends payouts and paying out this month!

I hope you held onto it :wink:

Helmerich & Payne Inc.

Ticker HP
Exposure : Oil drilling, low oil price etc…

Delta Airlines

Ticker DAL
Exposure: Airline industry, low fuel price etc…

These are my buys right now.
Not advice, just what I have on.

It seems you have stomach for short term/medium term horrors :slight_smile:

Good luck.

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Ha, :slight_smile: @Vedran

They are both big players in the industries and have weathered storms like this before.
Who knows which way they will go. After a year I think it’ll be a nice tidy sum.

Just bought into Fluor

Good luck. I’ve sort of got an eye on Ryanair, but I’m not confident enough to go for it just yet.

Believe it or not I am still waiting for another big drop.
I think that at least the Eurozone and British Stock markets will go down within the next couple of months, up to or even beyond their previous yearly lows from March. I think the Dow Jones (and probably the S&P) will also, not so confident about the Nasdaq - I think it will go down but I do not have any idea as to how much.

Obviously, this is just my forecast based and what I have been reading about previous recessions, but I may well be wrong.

I can well believe that. Especially on the Eurozone. I’m staying out of there for the moment but watching European property ETFs a little bit

Quite an interesting thread seeing how some of these stocks have played out few years down the line especially BATS & IMB. I can see how their trajectory is gradually changing as they diversify more into non tobacco product, investments made so far are gradually paying off.

It would only take a ground breaking medical use of tobacco (the size of Penicillin) to be discovered…oh well, back to BATS release of final results summary below

(Source Sharecast)

British American Tobacco unveiled a £2bn share buyback as the FTSE 100 company reported higher annual profit boosted by sales of non-cigarette products.

Operating profit for the year to the end of December rose to £10.23bn from £9.96bn a year earlier as revenue dipped 0.4% to £25.68bn. On an adjusted basis operating profit rose 5.2% to £11.15bn and revenue increased 6.9% to £25.68bn.

BAT increased its dividend by 1% to 217.8p a share and said it would buy back £2bn of shares starting on 14 February and ending no later than 31 December.

Revenue for so-called new category products rose 51% to £2.18bn and losses from these products fell for the first time by £100m. Sales of cigarettes and other combustible products fell 3.2% at current rates to £22bn. .

BAT predicted revenue would increase by 3-5% in 2022 at constant currency based on strong new category growth. Adjusted earnings per share will rise by high single figures, the company said.

Jack Bowles, BAT’s chief executive, said: “These foundations also provide the financial flexibility to be more active in our capital allocation to deliver sustainable long-term value for shareholders. In addition to maintaining a growing dividend the Board has approved a £2bn share repurchase programme for 2022.”

The shares have gained 18% in 2022.

Adding Boston Omaha because I’d like everybody to have at least the chance to be prompted to look into them. Please dig deeper then “oh billboards wtf”

$bomn - I fought for them to be fractional for others to hopefully prosper long term :sunglasses: