Stop Hunting at Market Open?

As someone who has only been using this platform for a few months or so I need users who have more experience using it to let me know if this kind of price spike is a regular occurence trading here?

This isn’t the only stock this happened on yesterday but according to Customer Care there’s nothing untoward here (and every broker gets quoted a different price) despite my having shown that on at least 2 other platforms there was no such discrepancy and their quotes for the stock was in a range of about $4 for the entire session.

According to another source this stock hit a low yesterday at 79.72 so how come T212’s low of the day is $10 lower? That doesn’t seem a legitimate quote to me on the face of it hence my topic question.

Obviously this type of spike is going to take out anyone who is long and in the example here this spike happened only at the start of trading with price going nowhere near the lows again during the session.

What can anyone tell me about this?

Also, does this platform offer a guaranteed stop feature and if so, how can one access it please?