Stop limit decimal

I placed a stop limit on Gulf Keystone Petroleum at 75.90p and the price was around 76.06p. The price dropped down to 75.91p but because I could only round down in multiples of .10 I missed the stop limit being hit to purchase the stock and subscantly the price has risen to 77.25p 25 minutes later.

Can you drop the multiple of .10p down to .01 for penny shares as they make a huge difference to where we can place your buy limits. @Team212 @David

@Scouse1981 That’s a limitation placed by our execution intermediary & LSE. I can’t seem to find any trades that aren’t off-book to have such a large precision (0.XX).

When the shares are being bought and sold at these small decimal increments I don’t understand how or why this would not be available to investors.

You’ve explained and it’s not 212 but can’t understand the rationale if we as buyers and sellers aren’t able to execute with the same fractional decimal.

If that’s the case the intermediates or LSE should only offer these prices at the fractional decimals, we as investors are able to purchase them at.

Just my opinion.

Thanks for the quick reply.

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