Stop Loss in closed market


If I’m in an open position and the market closes whilst I had stop loss on and whilst the market is closed, it hits that stop loss… when the market is open again does it automatically close even if the share price comes back down to where I’d be in profit… still whilst market is closed.

Hard to explain what I mean.


I’ll try make it easier.

I have a position, for example I bought in at $2 and had a little profit… then the market closed… If during market close it hits $2.5 which is my stop loss… does that mean when the market opens tomorrow, I’ll be automatically out? Even it falls back below $2 in the pre market?


I would take it off personally as market can open above your SL or far below

I’ve taken it off now, Even if the market is closed does it still work?

Yeah it will indeed as it’s just your indicator your moving