Stopp loss calculation

Hello, i need some help regarding calculating the amount a stock has to drop for my whole positin to close (Not on CFD, but on Invest)

Let’s say i buy 123 shares of Random company
And it’s trading at 189$ pr. share

How do i calcute the amount the stock has to drop before my whole inital investment is at a closing / elimination price.

Set it by it’s last swing low so you’ve got room for movement and have a certain floor to hit before it’s executed.

When I was setting them before I was told this I was stopping out of a lot of trades that I’d set for above this floor that, after 15mins or so after stopping out was back up and, by the end of trading day would have hit my take profit markers at some point

Hope this link helps

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I just reread the OP, is it a case you have been using CFD up until this point and understanding Invest/ISA?

Both Invest/ISA it’s playing with your own funds, and only going long. So to answer your question it doesn’t close, you don’t get anything similar to margin calls.

The $189 a share in the worst case go to 0 without closing your position.

If you are talking about where to place your stop loss then the above is true. It also depends if you are trying to swing trade or LTH.

@phildawson they might also be in those leveraged share ETFs in their invest account.

True, and those ETPs that negatively track all have stop losses built in, but the same runs true that it’s up to you to set your own stop losses. T212 won’t intervene to close your position.

The only time you are faced with closing on your behalf is when a stock delists that you have in ISA. You have 30 days I think to close before the broker does.