Stuck on Processing.. again

Any expected timeframe for resolution Tony, or is it a supplier issue you’re waiting for them to resolve first? Cheers.

buy another order so you get notification that your previous order has not been agreed due to infinicien funds

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Is it possible to create a sticky post to explain the issue at IBs end. Any expected timeframe, compensation etc

For what its worth I don’t think its just IB, looks like a few brokers are down.

Can’t get into my AJ Bell account at all.

My market order still states processing after 30 m+ similar to yesterday, it doesn’t breed confidence, only fear, this is the third separate occasion with no recompense, very counterproductive.

Try the web version.

Also, putting this thread in slow mode is only going to annoy more people. It’s not “filled with spam” as Cavan (a “leader”, whatever that cringe title means) has claimed, that’s Orwellian double speak. It’s filled with people’s legitimate complaints. No wonder people have trust issues with this platform.

For the T212 team trying to play this down - this is not a rare event. This platform often has issues, this past week in particular, and is ALWAYS slow soon after the market opens, with some orders taking 20 mins or more to execute. This is not anything other than unacceptable, amateur and pathetic. We don’t want excuses. Sort out your platform.


I’ve lost 600 pounds since this started and I still have pending orders at a high price which I can’t cancel!!


I used the web version and I can’t cancel. An hour and a half has almost passed. Pathetic!

check this


According to the Interactive Brokers website, their system has been running with no problems.

Could someone clarify this?


We get what we pay for? :man_shrugging:

They seem to be passing the buck despite their platform it’s self also having issues not just processing orders

I would suggest to work on sourcing a new intermediary since this has been a daily issue. You’re losing people’s money after they’ve trust you by putting their hard earned money into you. Shambles and shocking!


I hope all start gathering issues and reports to FSA, the more the better. Finance industry is well strict since all to do with Money…I have worked with Nasdaq so I know thing or too. I dont know how this guys are getting away! Hope one day they dont just shut down and run away! :roll_eyes:


@Sep IB as a whole was up & running but they stopped supporting our connection after the market open. They’re still investigating why that happened.


Can we please get any information on CFD trading now? Is this limit a new thing or is it temporary? Tell us please so we could plan ahead.

HI, I’m having the exact same issue, bought Fuel Tech and and hour later still processing ands doesn’t give me the option to cancel.

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@David hi. I’ll put my request in now if you could look at my profire energy stock stuck on pending for sell. Thank you

Putting it in here as I can post 3 times in the same thread as I’m new apparently

Cancelled orders that are ‘processing’ keep going through when the price has moved up considerably!

How can I stop these? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Ive set another order but the first one is still processing… Ive got to much cash so my funds cant run out :frowning: Not sure what to do

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still the problem persists…will it ever be fixed???

This isn’t just T212. Expect the regulator to step in soon. The retail industry has become a casualty of its own success and cant cope with stress periods. Now imagine the chaos trying to close your positions in the event of a market crash!!!

I like the T212 platform generally, but the industry needs a massive infrastructure investment, in a time critical industry there cant be any down time!!!


If that’s the case, can they instead sort out the orders that require processing…