Stuck on Processing.. again

Order execution was delayed today as our intermediary Interactive Brokers had downtime, which completely hampered our ability to process trades.

They are currently working on improving redundancy so that this cannot happen again.


Same here. Its been more than 30 minutes my execution trade is still in loading. I would like to cancel that as the price already change a lot. Help please.

IG is working fine, it’s these trash apps that struggle running their basic functions

It’s nice to be a value investor these days.

That doesn’t matter, this happens with T212 far too often

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Put a limit order in after the normal market order didn’t work at all, and here I am processing for the past 30 minutes, already have lost so much money…

It wasn’t Trading 212 that turned slow mode on, it was us Leaders as we don’t want the topic getting out of hand with spam. The forum is already messy with duplicates and non-stop posts.

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so you guys dont talk to each other over downtime? come on…

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Any idea when we will be able to execute orders again? This downtime is killing mr

I placed an order 50 minutes earlier that is still processing! How can I cancel it? The cancel button is grey. The market has moved!


I cannot say as it depends on IB - we spoke with them at the moment when all this started.

So how do I cancel the pending market buy orders that are now badly priced?

(I used market orders as they were sometimes working during the issues. I usually use limit orders)

What they will do is sorry and no compensate :frowning:


It’s a mess…it’s been days that market opens and I can get any stupid order processed neither I can cancel orders…I can only watch the price go down and then back up and can’t buy anything cheap…please get more capacity or ask for a premium for day traders so we can actually buy when we want to buy and not when the system wants.

So what happens ultimately? Order pending for last 30 mins. Price has changed 20% since then. Where do we stand from legal point of view?

Ok Tony but how do we amend orders that are stuck on processing for the past half an hour at least and that I don’t want to do anymore since now I would end up losing money??


same here, this happens every time when the market started

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that was quick

what about yesterday then, i.e. the rest of this forum?

this has become a joke


my Limit order is processing for 20 minutes now… what to do?

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