Suggested long term investments

As the title says, I’m looking for some inspiration for some long term, regular investments with relatively cheap fees. For some background I’m looking to combine my main pension with the one I’m starting at a new employee.

I already have positions with the usual VWRL, VUSA but I’m finding most of my options end up with me putting more and more money into apple, Microsoft, Amazon etc. That’s all well and good but it feels like I’m missing out on some more focussed markets or sectors.

I’ve got a few Baillie Gifford holdings covering China, healthcare and growth. Looking for other’s opinions, something new to look into or increasing current holdings…Thanks!


How about something more quality oriented such as Fundsmith? I’ve held for a long time and it helps smooth out my portfolio’s volatility. Like you, the rest of my portfolio’s in various VG and BG funds. However, the ongoing charges are not cheap, so I’m looking to replace with a Fundsmith pie.

Another suggestion could be an IT, ETF or fund to give you exposure to small-caps if you don’t already have any.


I swap between VWRP(Accumulation version of VWRL) and HMWO each year to utilise my capital gains allowance. HMWO could be an option?

To diversify, you could look at Investment Trusts - CHRYsalis Investment Trust or MNTN Shiehallion. Just for long term exposure to private unlisted companies, but if you already have Scottish Mortgage, you will already have some of that.

The positions you already have are already quite diverse, but that’s the only thing I think you will be missing.

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@Dougal1984 @topher
Thanks both - I’ll have a look at Fundsmith for sure. I don’t have a specific small cap fund though there is one that’s focused on dividend payers.
I have a position in MNTN - have high expectations for a few of their holdings.
I’ve got some of BG’s positive change fund but started picking up some Keystone positive change this week instead of adding to that position (just to do with account fees and money in different accounts).
I’ll maybe look to just up my current holdings rather than add new ones just now.
(Edited - correcting some holdings as it appears I can’t multi-task)

Have a look at BSRT (Baker Steel Resources) for something a bit different. Timing might be right as well if the Fed are going to start tapering soon.

In terms of funds, only things in my folio that might be a bit different to what you’ve mentioned above are;

  • Premier Miton European Opportunities
  • GAM Star Disruptive Growth

I usually have a tinker with this tool to look into areas I’m not so in tune with;

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Do your own research etc. etc.

Some of my top long term investments include: Abbott, Abbvie, Adyen, Autodesk, Applied Materials. Coincidence they all begin with A btw.

My defensives include Kellogg, Kimberly Clark, Berkshire, Clorox.


You cant go wrong with looking at FUNDSMITH and SMITHSON. it is up to you too take an active part and invest in their stocks or go passive and just invest in their funds. My favourite stock personally is AMSL, SABRE and Penske Automotive Group, in the current climate.

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Hey it seems hard to purchase #mtmn as it’s a closed fund, it seems a waiting game. How quickly were your orders filled out of interest?

I actually bought MNTC as it was added to 212 first. Personally I wouldn’t bother with MNTC as its only about 20% invested right now. Being a closed fund is not making it more difficult to buy, its just acting like any other LSE listed company.

It was a FOMO buy with people from work more than anything else, and will be a long term hold.

My first buy was submitted 27th April at 10:35, and filled at 14:00 same day.
My second buy was submitted 5th May at 12:13, and filled at 14:00 same day.

The liquidity on both is quite low, and we’re hampered further by only having DMA(Direct Market Access). The LSE quotes both on book and off book trades, and this is the last months trading activity for MNTN:


I was surprised at how quick my trades went through to be honest, as I’ve had some trades in what I would consider to be more liquid stocks take far longer.

I normally wouldn’t bother buying something at such a premium to NAV, so I’m not adding any more to MNTN or CHRY at the moment.

It is also something I have asked before to be added to the App. Could 212 add a short narrative on average trade volumes. Either from Bloomberg data, or even better 212 data - best/average/longest time to execute and so on. Useful information and the data must be there.


Thanks for the insight! I was only going to buy a small amount to track it in a pie however in still waiting for the TX to be processed.