Long Term Portfolio

Got round to setting up a long term portfolio using the new auto invest feature. As I want to sleep well at night I’ve gone for stocks with excellent balance sheets with one eye on having a little extra risk/growth opportunity in there so added Alibaba/SQ.

Be good to get some thoughts on the below and nice to see what others are doing and why?

What do you think about the new auto invest feature (BETA)

S&P500 ETF 20%
FTSE All World ETF 15%
Microsoft 10%
Apple 10%
Amazon 10%
Facebook 10%
Alphabet 5%
Starbucks 5%
Square 5%
Intuitive Surgical 5%
Alibaba 5%


Check out EQQQ for some more rounded tech exposure.

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Just my opinion but you’ve got 20% in the S&P ETF, and then the best part of 50% in companies directly related, so 70% of your portfolio is at the hands of the index.

I would like to diversify a touch more.


Yeah was gonna say there’s ones in there that are already in the index.

A little more diversification would be ideal. As Warren Buffet says, all businesses have good days and bad day’s. If in for the long run don’t be looking at the bad days instead realise that is all it is. Ups and downs

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Thanks for this never heard of it but just had an initial read through some material and something which sounds a lot better than individual stocks

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Cheers for the feedback bud I think your right I’m going to take the QQQ suggestion then look to add from other sectors

What’s your goal? What’s going to make you get to your goal? What’s going to be around when your at your goal?

A lot of factors can be added into the outcomes or potential outcomes.

Look at industries that’s are emerging. Personal I’m all for crypto’s and cannabis industry. They both are in their infancy and both are going to be around for a very long time. Not only that, but both are starting to be accepted and not be shunned away as the evil entities they once where described as being.

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Not a big fan of crypto but cannabis industry I have been looking at. At the moment I just have the emerging markets covered in an ETF.

Goal like many others to put simply is to get solid growth quick as possible and not wait 20/25 years for it. This is why I was going for individual stocks but realise I need to maybe add a little more stocks as you say that are business more in there infancy but look like they could be solid players

I’m happy with my stocks For now but need to work on % allocation.

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Crypto is the way forward. I’ve been involved in it for years but, that’s my way of thinking. The cannabis industry is only getting started and the gain to be made are unreal :slight_smile: VFF is pretty cheap at the moment as is a few others